How to Save Battery on iPhone X

The fascinating fully charged iPhone X could last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7. It sounds attractive that iPhone X equipped with OLED screen which can save more electricity. While for the purpose of enhancing the battery life of iPhone X, AppleInsider recently summarized how to save battery on iPhone X for users.

The best way to save battery on iPhone X is Dark Mode. According to AppleInsider introduce, the Dark Mode refers to the use of smart invert color, grayscale and black wallpaper. According to AppleInsider test, you can save up to 60% battery with these 3 functions in 3 hours.

Several tests were conducted by AppleInsider, one of which was tested using the smart invert color. In the test, iPhone X was set to the highest brightness, using the Safari to visit the Reddit with smart reversal color option enabled.

The contents of the Reddit are shown as the white background and black text, but with the smart reverse color, it turned black background and white text, which drastically reduces the power consumption of the OLED screen. Of course, this is related to the working principle of the OLED display, in sharp contrast with the LCD display.

After three hours of use, iPhone X’s battery dropped from 100% to 85%. Turn off the smart reverse color option for another same test, and after 3 hours the iPhone X’s battery dropped from 100% to 28%. This means that in this extreme case, nearly 60% electricity could be saved by enabling smart reverse color option.

In addition, AppleInsider also used the black wallpaper for a test. iPhone X’s main screen wallpaper was set to pure black and application icons maintain normal, turn on the maximum brightness, turn off the smart reverse color and grayscale. After three hours of use, iPhone X’s battery dropped from 100% to 77%. Then change the black wallpaper to color wallpaper for another same test, iPhone X battery decreased from 100% to 61%. In other words, in this extreme case, the use of black wallpaper saves 16% electricity.


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In addition, we can also save power by turning on the grayscale, but it may sacrifice part of the display and performance for the OLED screen consumes different power when displayi




ng different content. The test shows that the pure white costs most electricity, while green costs least battery.
Therefore, taking these into consideration, we can save battery on iPhone X by Dark Mode to help you in emergency situations. Let us know if you have any smart tip.

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