Why iPhone X gets hot?


Apple iPhone X has been unveiled for a while and fanboys have already experience the most appealing features, someone feels quite amazed, someone feels little disappointed. However, no doubt that Apple always creates a buzz when it launches its new stunning product and technology, just because it comes from Apple — the most famous big name in the industry, every single flaw would be amplified and the discussion about it would go extremely hot. iPhone X gets hot in the market, while it gets really hot when playing games and charging !

Not just warm, but hot! Citing from complaining words from the iPhone X users on MacRumors , someone said his iPhone X gets very hot after watching 3 videos, the original post builder claimed that the back of his iPhone X gets hot pretty fast. As soon as he starts to do stuff on it, it’s a matter of seconds before it gets quite hot. Why iPhone X gets hot so easily? A guess points to the glass material it uses, it might be normal for the new iPhone X users since the material is more conductive. 


Since more and more negative feedback keeps coming from iPhone X, I decided to make a round-up of the situations and possible reasons for the overheating issue of iPhone X.

1. iOS  problem


Some users pointed out that their iPhone X gets hot during the set-up and iCloud restoring, the heat is even high enough to stop the restore process, the restoration restarted after the phone cooled down. Honestly iPhone X heat issue is one of the most common iOS problems, we often encounter with almost all iPhones, from iPhone 4S to iPhone X.  It is quite normal especially when it’s still in Beta version of iOS 11.2, using iPhone X on non Beta version is highly recommended by the official Apple store after diagnostics.

2. Heavy system running


Someone complains that only 15 minutes video watching or web browsing would trigger iPhone X heat issue, which is comparatively unacceptable, regularly a flagship smartphone would not perform so poor, not to mention that it is under the name of iPhone. A heavy mobile game player confirmed that his iPhone X gets really hot after playing one game of mobile legends on all highest settings, either his Samsung note 8 or s8+ would get warm so quickly. It even gets worse when it runs Pokemon Go , iPhone X is getting hot and battery drains quickly. The new features like FaceID and Animoji require high speed system running, no wonder why iPhone X gets hot faster than iPhone 6 or 7. 

3. Using while charging


iPhone X features fast charging and wireless charging technology, theoretically charging in a high speed would generate much more heat in a short time, therefore, avoid using it while charging is a common solution. Furthermore, a reliable charger should be applied out of question.


RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

Faster than traditional 3.5-5W chargers, it’s able to support 7.5W output for iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+.

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