How to bring back a real home button on your iPhone X


Over the last decade, Home button is the one constant on iPhone X. However, Apple sacrificed it for the almost full screen. What are the features of the iPhone X Without this physical button, things change a lot. You use gestures on the screen to navigate. If you miss the Home button, there is a suggestion for you.

How to set virtual Home button – AssistiveTouch?

1. Open the Setting app on your iPhone X


2. Select General


3. Tap Accessibility


4. Scroll down and select AssistiveTouch


5. Tap the circle and turn the gray ellipse into the green to turn on AssistiveTouch.


6. On the same menu, you can assign functions to the new virtual button. Want to return Home with a tap? Pull up the Control Center with a long press? You can even create a custom gesture and assign it a task.


7. AssistiveTouch’s settings also allow you to control the opacity of the button so it’s either extremely visible or barely there. 


How to bring back a real home button on your iPhone X?

The Home button is back. However, it’s a virtual one. OK. You still wait to know how to bring back a real Home button. I found the answer for you. 

On, there is an interesting accessory for iPhone X, iPhone X Home Button+ Audio Jack. Although I think iPhone X’s gesture control is powerful enough and no need to buy this gadget, you may need it. And the released pre-order date in that article makes me believe it is a true thing. Fewer users of Twitter and Facebook express their attitude towards his product. Most of them think it’s a stupid idea. However, this News aroused a lot of interest of Weibo users in China. They tease and say that can’t understand the thoughts of rich people. Pay extra RMB4,000 to buy an iPhone X without the Home button and then pay RMB3,000 to bring it back.


Whatever, just do it if you want. If you want to get one, wait until 30, November 2017. Or by then, there are more powerful gadgets than that. Or you will find the present iPhone X is perfect and need nothing.

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