How to Solve the iPhone X Gets Hot Fast

Along with a growing number of people use the newest iPhone X, many people noticed that the back of iPhone X gets hot pretty fast. As soon as they start to do stuff on it, it is a matter of seconds before it gets quite hot.

Why the iPhone X gets hot fast?

Actually, in the aspect of physical structure, the smartphone is compact and the internal space is small. In order to achieve the laptop’s small size, its internal components, such as the mainboard, must be loaded very tight. The problem is that the processor and other components produce a lot of heat during the running process. Because the iPhone X‘s internal space is relatively small and the heat dissipation is poor. The faster the processor runs, the higher heat it produces. Also, the compact design can lead to high temperature.

Then how do you to solve the iPhone X gets hot so fast? If you can get rid of some bad habits in daily use, there will be some unexpected results.

1.Stop playing your iPhone X while charging


Do not play iPhone X while charging it for a long time. There is many current while charging if you use the iPhone X at this point which means increasing the use of current. It is no problem with the design of iPhone X to support this current, but it is unavoidable to get a high temperature in this high-current work conditions for a long time.  So you’d better not play large games or watch videos when the iPhone X is charging, take yourself and the iPhone X a break.

2.No call

Do not call in a bad signal place, use headphone is the best choice. The iPhone X will automatically upgrade its searching signal and receive signal power when you are in a bad signal place. The iPhone X easier to heat and radiation is also greater in a high-power working condition. The use of headphones reduces radiation and the signal also gets better.

3.Turn off applications

When you are not using your iPhone X, make sure that turn off the extra applications. Turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth, or they will keep searching WiFi or Bluetooth device around you. It could be the source of your iPhone X overheating problem.

4.Remove case

Third party accessories may cause some problems such as overheating on iPhone X, so does the iPhone X case. Different design and material of the case can cause the issue. The safe way is to remove the case until your iPhone X cools down.

Get rid of bad habits and treat your iPhone X better if you want this gadget to accompany you for a longer time.


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