Green line down side of iPhone X screen: why and how to fix


A MacRumors member posted a photo of his new iPhone X on 3rd November showing that there is a vertical green line on the right side of the screen. “So I was playing with my new phone and all of a sudden, this happened!” he said, “Tried turning it off but didn’t fix it!” Some Chinese Apple fans meet the same issue like him and have to send their iPhone X back to store for a new replacement. 


We all know Apple applied OLED display on their new iPhone X. Although OLED display has more colorful frames and wonderful display effect, it’s very fragile. If you ever used a Samsung phone released in recent years, you know this situation appears on many Samsung phones. The phone with the green line can still work well. But we can’t bear a new phone with flaw normally. Some people think it happens because the OLED display leaks light. However, it’s a rare situation that OLED display leaks light. LG’s OLED display leaks light before, but this situation never happened on Samsung. What is the iPhone X notch and how it works

One Chinese iPhone X user posted a photo of the green line on his or her new iPhone X. It only exists on the right side of the screen from top to bottom. No matter viewing from which angle, there is it. Suggested by net friends, he or she peeled off the tempered glass screen protector on the iPhone X. And the green line disappeared. How did that happen? The answer is quite simple. The cause is the screen protect rather display screen. The tempered glass protector was attached to a wrong position.  The light from the screen is refracted on the margin of the tempered glass and forms a green line. How to protect iPhone X glass-back


If there is a green line on your iPhone X and your tempered glass screen protector can’t cover the whole screen, you may solve the problem by peeling off the screen protector. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. Send your iPhone X back to the Apple store. Apple official sure to allow the replacement of problematic iPhone.

Therefore, no need to worry about the green line problem. It won’t make a big deal. Buy iPhone X if you like it. No excuse, no judge.

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