How to protect iPhone X and iPhone 8 glass-back


iPhone X and iPhone 8, like Samsung Galaxy S8, support Qi wireless charging so that it is featured with glass-back as well. Although Apple states that the glass, equipped on the back of iPhone X and iPhone 8, is the strongest ever they have put on a phone, glass is still glass. Therefore, you have to take care of Both two pieces of glass. An article of The Verge analyzed how much you will pay for the glass-back ‘s replacement of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and made a conclusion that the iPhone 8 back glass is more expensive to fix than the screen. Choose a way of protection for your iPhone X or iPhone 8 glass-back right now! How does the full screen display on the iPhone X benefit you

There are two kinds of protection in general, tempered glass for back glass and phone cases. Both of them have pros and cons. 

Tempered glass for glass-back


Pros: Won’t hamper the ability to wireless charge.

            Show the beauty of the original back of iPhone X or iPhone 8.

            With good heat dissipating capacity.

            Won’t add much thick on your phone.

Cons: Easily be smashed just like the front screen protector. And cost you more money than a phone case.

            Less protection than phone case.

phone cases


Pros: More protection than tempered glass. Not only protect the glass back but also the metal frame. The

            metal frame won’t be scratched when your hand is slippery and iPhone X or iPhone 8 falls down on the


            The frequency of changing for a new one isn’t much as of tempered glass.

            There are way more different styles of phone cases than tempered glass, leather sleeve, transparent

            TPU case, hard PC case and more.

Cons: Some phone case may affect the Qi wireless charging. Slow charging speed or unstable charging performance.

However, you still can choose the best protection for your iPhone X or iPhone 8. Choose a case for your iPhone X or iPhone 8 supporting wireless. Don’t have any worry.

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