Wireless Fast Charge in iPhone


The release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X have attracted Apple’s fans from all around the world and numerous alterations take place on these phones. Anyway, one of the greatest feature in this generation of iPhone is definitely the wireless fast charge technology.So what is wireless fast charge and how does it work?Read on to find the answer.

Wireless Fast Charge Technology
According to Apple, wireless charge is supported by a function termed “QI charging system” and this is developed by an organization called Wireless Power Consortium.Generally speaking, this process has almost no difference compared to conventional charging except for the phone is put on a charging pad and no wire is connected to it.


So what is the principle of wireless charging?Well, it is called electromagnetic induction, which roughly means a conductor could initiate power in a varying magnetic field and the produced power can be transferred to a device without any real connection between them.Apple has optimized the power output, which makes it stable and efficient.
According to Apple’s data, the charger could automatically charge your iPhone in approximately 3 to 5 centimeters away from it.Moreover, it is of high efficiency as an iPhone X could be refilled in no more than 1 hour.The power of iPhone’s pad charger is reportedly the greatest among all iPhone chargers, over 20W.

How could wireless fast charge benefit you
You may wonder why wireless fast charge is utilized on this version of iPhone and what advantages can it bring to you.


The charging pad can actually charge iPhone 8 , iPhone X, apple watch series 3 simultaneously, which means you don’t need to bring your charging cable with you when you are at work or on vocation.This would also decline the possibility of losing iPhone chargers since you only need to collect your charging pad with you when you leave.
Furthermore, charging cables can be easily damaged if they are used too frequent.However, iPhone wireless charging pad won’t have this problem simply because it has no cable.
Plus, as for the pad charger itself, it has less exposed holes due to wireless charging and it can dramatically reduce the possibility that dust or water get in.That means this wireless charger is more durable than traditional iPhone chargers.


Disadvantages of wireless fast charging

Speaking of the disadvantages, the most apparent one is that the distance of charging is really limited, around 3 to 5 centimeters.Sometimes it may make things inconvenient.However, it is not really a big problem as the charging process is super fast and charging pads are actually movable.

Above is the introduction to wireless fast charge in iPhone.Anyway, it is said that iPhone’s wireless charger, called Airpower pad will not be sold with iPhone 8 or iPhone X.Well, I personally believe that paying for this cutting-edge charging pad is a wise choice since it is convenient and efficient.Why not grab a charging pad for yourself and have a try?


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