Some Features iPhone 8 and 8 Plus better than 7


One of the most exciting things recently is the release of iPhone 8 and 8 plus.According to Apple, quite a lot of changes have been made on this new version of iPhone.Anyway, what are the differences among iPhone 8, 8 plus and 7?Why do people say iPhone 8 and 8 plus are better than 7?Read on to find the answer.


Many people say there is almost no difference in terms of the appearance between iPhone 7 and 8 and they cannot distinguish them.Admittedly , the screens are of the same size, 4.7 inches.iPhone 8+’s screen is relatively larger, 5.5 inches.The most obvious disparity is that iPhone 8 has less colors, gold, silver and space gray.iPhone 7 has 5 different colors including silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black.


CPU Performance

The greatest leap that can be seen on 8 is definitely the performance.It could be directly seen from specifications of 7,8 and 8 plus.As for iPhone 8, its processor is A11 Bionic, which contains 6 cores and four of them are power-saving cores while the other two are high-efficient cores.IPhone 8 is reportedly 30% faster than iPhone 7, which is equipped with A10 Fusion processor.

Furthermore, some optimization aimed at AR technology has been added to 8 and 8 plus and game developers are allowed to create funny games combined with AR technology.


IPhone 8 has a 1.2M camera and it is equipped with a faster sensor.A new function preventing blur due to shaking is introduced,so photos taken would be sharper and the background will be more natural.IPhone 8 plus has wide-angle and telephoto lens, which enable you to zoom when taking pictures.Moreover,a new mode called digital zoom can magnify your pictures 10 times is also introduced.


Wireless Charging

A brand new charging method is applied to iPhone 8 and 8 plus, Qi wireless charging.Wireless charging means a traditional charging cable is no longer needed.Also, the wireless charger is a pad, which could simultaneously charge 3 devices, including iPhone 8 and 8 plus.There are numerous advantages of wireless charging.For instance, you don’t have to bring chargers or wires with you when you go traveling or go to work, all you need to do now is to take your portable wireless charging pad.Furthermore, it is reported that wireless pad supports fast charging, which could charge your iPhone 8 or 8 plus up to 50% within approximately 30 minutes.


Of course, if you don’t like the new design, iPhone 8 can still be charged in the traditional way.


IPhone 8 and 8 plus are furnished with the latest Retina HD Display while iPhone 7 has its last version Retina Display.The difference is that Retina HD Display is combined with True Tone technology and it could automatically alter the ratio of different colors to ensure you obtain the best contents in videos and pictures.

Above is the comparison of iPhone 8, 8 plus and 7.Great improvements take place on this generation of iPhone no matter in terms of its CPU or camera.Plus, the creative charging method would definitely benefit you a lot.Why not buy yourself an iPhone 8 or 8 plus to have a try on all these wonderful features?







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