Would Wireless Charging Still Work With A Case or Popsocket?

Wireless charging is becoming more and more standardized, and even more common. Popular smartphones such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X support wireless charging. If you want to charge your smartphone wirelessly, you’ll need a smartphone that supports wireless charging at first.

After you chose a smartphone, a compatible wireless charging plate is necessary to place your phone on. Essentially, the fundamental of wireless charging is that it uses magnetic induction to transmit energy. There are five mainstream standards of wireless charging on the market, Qi, Power Matters Alliance(PMA), Alliance for Wireless Power(A4WP), iNPOFi and Wi-Po. Different standard has different benefits. Also, different smartphone matches different standard wireless charging pad.



Here I would like to recommend Anker 10W fast charge wireless charging pad $13.99 which is made for all Qi-enabled phones, like iPhone X and iPhone 8 line, Samsung Galaxy line from S7,  it’s much faster than traditional 3.5-5W chargers since it’s able to support 7.5W-10W output.

If you just bought a new or expensive smartphone, what you would do at first would possibly buy a case or a popsocket for it, let alone it is an iPhone X. You want to protect the new gadget, meanwhile you want to  enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. So would wireless charging still work with a case or popsocket? There’s plenty of debate on both sides of the argument.

One comment on MacRumors said his popsockets will not allow it to make a good connection to the wireless charger. It will connect at first,  but then loses the connection within like 30-60 seconds. That is nonnegligible for one love the popsocket, and can see it being really handy for the iPhone X. Compared to smartphone case, popsocket works better in my point of view because it takes up a less space and you can still lay the phone flat on its back even with it attached. In another aspect, someone bought the popsocket and his wireless charging still works without a  case on.

There are different situation comes out when people wireless charging their smartphones with the case or popsocket. One of the key factors affects the wireless charging is that the material. For example, the rubber material is better than the metal material. It can transfer faster and more stable. While some case and popsocket are made of the hybrid material, it is more difficult to distinguish the problem source. Beyond that, a compatible and suitable wireless charging plate such external factor as I mentioned also affect the wireless charging.

Do you have experience with a popsocket or a case with wireless charging?  How do you deal with the situation? Welcome join the discussion.


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