How does the full screen display on the iPhone X benefit you


The release of iPhone X has caught eyes from all over the world.This time, iPhone X seems to have changed quite a lot in many aspects.The most obvious change that can be seen on iPhone X is the appearance, to be more specific, home button has been removed and it is turned into a full screen display iPhone.What are the benefits of using a full-screen phone?Read on to find the answer.

What is a full-screen phone?

A full screen display smart-phone simply means a phone’s front is totally captured by its screen, no edges or buttons at the bottom.Anyway, no phone company could really make an actual full-screen phone currently and full screen display phones normally indicates those phones whose screen to front ratio in terms of area reaches 90%.IPhone X’s home button is removed, making the screen larger than ever before and its full-screen ratio exceeds any other phones.


What are the benefits?

IPhone X is equipped with a 5.8-inch screen, which makes everything bigger. The increased Full HD resolution will make sure you see more information on the iPhone X screen than other phones.

1.Big screen

Full screen display plus a big phone means a big screen, what can a big screen benefit you?You can see more stuff on web site while browsing and see more lines on social networks.That makes you get more information in one slide and saves your time.

2.Easy tap

  It is obvious that large screen makes games look bigger and better, and the game’s buttons are bigger and easier to press.Tapping, in general, is a much better experience.


Whether you are typing on the keyboard to chat or trying to input a long series of letters like websites , you are more likely to get it right on these big screens simply because letters on iPhone X is widely separated.


3.Clear screen

The screen goes bigger doesn’t mean it goes unclear.In contrast, iPhone X is equipped with OLED multi-touch screen and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.The resolution of the screen is better than ever.


Furthermore, the newly installed color management system in the Super Retina HD display offers you the best color accuracy among all products sold in the market, which means that no matter what color mode your material uses , iPhone X automatically shows in that format. So the colors you see are the colors the director designer intended.

Above are some of the greatest benefits that iPhone X brings you.Generally speaking, its screen is bigger and displays better than its former versions.Anyway, I’m sure you will have a brand new experience using iPhone X.Why not grab your own iPhone X and have a try on its full screen?





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