How Does iPhone X Spec Compare With the S9


Recently, the release of iPhone X has again surprised the world.The new features added to this phone has totally changed people’s way in using smart-phones.Anyway, another company Samsung, which is also an expert at making innovations on its new phones cannot wait to unleash its new product S9.So how does iPhone X spec compare with Samsung Galaxy S9?Read on to find the answer.


It is undeniable that people are using phone cameras more often than ever.Cameras have become the most significant part which customers and phone companies care about.

As for iPhone X, its camera is where the biggest changes take place.The phone is equipped with 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras and a 7MP front camera, enabling you to take the sharpest pictures.Also, specs for aperture is amazing, the number for wide-angle camera and telephoto is respectively ƒ/1.8 and ƒ/2.4.Furthermore, users’ experience in taking selfie would be better than ever.A brand new mode called patriot mode is introduced.Color and light in selfies would be coordinated and pictures taken will be as good as those from professional  photographers.


Though Samsung Galaxy S9 hasn’t been unleashed yet, some specs are exposed online.Camera performance is outstanding as it is furnished with a 12MP rear camera, 12MP front camera and OIS technology.

Anyway, it is really hard to say which phone is better.As for front cameras, advantages of S9 is that it has higher pixels while iPhone X creates a brand new way in taking selfies.

Methods to unlock phones

Ways to unlock phones have been developed a lot in the past few years.New unlocking methods do not only mean improved security, but also progressed convenience.


IPhone X’s way to unlock has again surprised the mass.Instead of TouchID, it utilizes FaceID.FaceID on the iPhone X uses a “TrueDepth” camera setup, which blasts your face with more than 30,000 infrared dots and scans your face in 3D. Apple says this can “recognize you in an instant” and log you into your phone.

As for S9, it is predicted that it would continue using fingerprint recognition.The difference is that the home button would be replaced by a virtual one, which means you can log in by putting fingers on the screen.


Touch ID and finger print tech have been confirmed to be secure and many people are concerned about whether Face ID would be reliable enough.Well, it seems that only time will tell.


Another change that takes place on iPhone X is that fast charge is developed.Apple claims that it could be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes and its talk time is up to 21 hours, internet using is up to 12 hours.Its capacity is approximately 2000mAh.


As for Samsung Galaxy S9, its capacity would be again improved compared to S8, to around 4000mAh and the phone is also fast -charge capable.


In comparison, iPhone X’s battery development still has a long way to go while Galaxy S9 could consider more about power-saving.

Above is the comparison of iPhone X and S9 based on specifications.Both of them are leaders of smart-phone industry and have their advantages.Have you figured out which one of them is your favorite?




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