Some Advantages of Face ID Over Touch ID

The new flagship iPhone X is equipped with Face ID instead of Touch ID, which makes the Face ID become the only biometric authentication system for iPhone X users. You can unlock your iPhone X, buy apps, use Apple Pay and so on with the Face ID. So the questions are coming, how does Face ID work? Is the Face ID safer than Touch ID? What’s its advantage?

In the first place, Face ID is based on 3D face recognition. Different from the use of a 2D photo, Face ID will use your face depth information. According to the reveal of Apple at the event, iPhone X will project 30000 infrared spotlights as the feature point, which greatly enriched the identification.

Face ID can be used to buy apps and Apple Pay provides Apple has strong confidence. In order to avoid malicious intention, Apple used a total of  1,000,000,000 photos to train the neural network that Face ID depends on in the processing process. For the Touch ID, there may be one person can use his fingerprint to unlock your phone among 50,000 people. While for the Face ID, one person may unlock the iPhone X successfully among 1,000,000 people. The security of Face ID would greatly weaken unless they are twins.

In the meanwhile, lots of people pay close attention to the problem: What if someone takes the iPhone X in front of me, the iPhone X will be unlocked successfully? Apple also took this into account, Face ID actually focuses on the user is watching the phone. In other words, Face ID is enough smart to distinguish whether you are staring at the iPhone.

In the premise of ensuring security, Face ID persistently learns user’s appearance by using artificial intelligence. After the first entry to Face ID, Face ID still can recognize you as time goes on, even if you wear glasses, wear a hat, etc, and constantly ensure recognition rate according to the new data to calibrate the model.

Compared to Touch ID, Face ID has a better convenience, it not only set up easily, but it is fast to unlock or pay. At the same time, Face ID can also show you various notifications and messages, keep the screen bright, or lower the volume of the alarm and ringtones, execute intelligently any action you want.



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