How to make MacBook battery last longer


Everybody wants a longer-lasting battery. The battery life of the brand new MacBook Air is an enviable 12 hours or more. As the use of time increases,the battery life will slow down. Here are some tips to extend the battery life.

13-inch MacBook Pro battery life Test – does it last 10 hours?

Check the condition of your battery 

Your Mac battery is not immortal. Computer components don’t last forever but batteries have particularly short life spans. Every time you charge your Mac battery to 99% ,you are adding a charge cycle. Different Mac batteries have different maximum cycle counts , from 1000 for a Macbook Pro Retina to 300 for the first Macbook Air. Once the cycle count is reached, your Mac battery should be replaced.

How to Replace the Battery in a 13-inch MacBook Pro Mid 2010 (Updated)

You first need to determine if your battery is healthy or not before you attempt to maximize the health of your battery. The easiest way to do that is to hold down the option key as you click on the battery status icon to access the Battery menu bar extra. Sometimes, you cannot improve battery life of your computer when the condition shows as “Replace Soon”, “Replace Now” or “Service Battery”. At this time, you need to get your MacBook battery replaced or serviced.

How to check your batter health information? Just hold down the option key as you click on the battery status icon on your MacBook. And it will show you the details of your computer battery condition just like the picture shows below.


Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth    

People tend to connect MacBook to Wi-Fi network all the time and don’t have the habit of turning it off when we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. This consumes a lot of power to support its function, because it will hunt around for Wi-Fi networks it could join. Therefore, when you are not using Wi-Fi network, closing it is also a great idea to improve battery life on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. And if you’re not using external wireless peripherals that communicate via Bluetooth — some keyboards, nice, speaker systems and other peripherals — then please turn it off. Because both AirPort and Bluetooth can consume significant amounts of power.

To disconnect Wi-Fi:
– Click on the Wi-Fi symbol on the top bar
– Click the Turn Wi-Fi Off option

To disconnect Bluetooth:  
– Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth
– Click the Turn Bluetooth Off button,

Use Energy Saver

As the official said, you can set options conservatively on Energy Saver Pane when your MacBook is on battery power. In this way, you can save MacBook battery life and use computer longer when it is unplugged to an AC power.


You can go to System Preferences > Energy Saver and click on Restore Defaults to make sure you are using these settings. You can also further customize them to your liking, and schedule when your Mac will sleep and wake.

Use Software Update

Apple routinely offers patches and enhancements to Mac OS X and macOS Sierra that improve battery life.


Update to new operation system:
– Click on the “App Store” > Tap on the “Updates” tab

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CNET How To – Extend the battery life of your MacBook



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