Why is my MacBook keyboard not working

A growing number of customers who have purchased a MacBook Pro are confronting issues with the keyboard,namely, non-functional keys, keys with a non-uniform feel and strange high-pitched sounds on some keys.


One of the most significant issues appears to the keyboard is that some keys make different higher-pitched sounds than others do. In some cases, when the caps lock key is pressed, it makes a sound that’s much different than the other keys on the keyboard. 

According to some customers,the issue is only reproducible when the Mac is warm, a complaint that has been echoed by several other MacBook owners.This may suggests that heat plays a vital role in activating the problem. Some users are experiencing the overly-clicky sound without heat, though.

One other minor keyboard complaint is an inconsistent feel across keys, or more specifically,some keys may feel spongier than others or don’t press down consistently. This is likely related to a problem with the butterfly mechanism. Although,some users report having fixed with a needle or other thin tool, most people should not try that sort of repair at home. 


It’s also not clear what’s causing the issue with the keys that suddenly become non-functional, but we all know that the keyboard’s mechanism is sensitive which makes it easy to be  interrupted by something as simple as a bit of dust. In some cases, with the machine that was experiencing issues with a specific key, the problem cleared up on its own.However, other MacBook owners have not been so lucky. 


Another problem is that since all portable Macs have back lit keyboards these days, which not only makes it easier to type in dim lighting, but also looks really fancy. Because the back lighting uses very low power LED to illuminate, there isn’t much of any hit to battery life if the brightness is set at a reasonable or low level.

Thus, many people choose to have the back lit keyboard showing all the time, even if lighting situation doesn’t call for it to be useful. But sometimes the back lit keyboard doesn’t work at all for seemingly no apparent reason and even attempt to manually control the back lighting with the keyboard shortcuts which suggests the feature isn’t working or is disabled.


Customers who are experiencing keyboard problems should visit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. In most cases, Apple offers repairs and replacements for affected users, especially those who have verifiable hardware problems related to skipping keys. Keyboard replacements are also not a simple matter on a machine as complex as the MacBook Pro, and users should expect repairs or replacements to take multiple days. According to reports from customers who have sought repairs, Apple is outright replacing most Touch Bar models while sending non-Touch Bar models out for repairs.

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