10 Reasons Why You Will Regret Getting the iPhone X Over the iPhone 8 Plus

If you are struggling to buy the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus. I think the iPhone 8 Plus would be a more intelligent choice. Here are 10 reasons why you will regret getting the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 Plus.

1 Screen size

If you’re upgrading from the iPhone 6/6S/7, then the screen size of the iPhone X will simply be stretched. If however you’re upgrading from a Plus model, your screen will be narrower, albeit longer. If you are a Plus owner, you probably don’t want to be watching media on a narrower but stretched screen.

2 The notch

Have you ever talked to someone and you lose focus of what they’re saying because you noticed they have sauce or food stuck to the side of their lip? Well, the notch is not too dissimilar. My eyes are drawn to it. If it bothers me, it will bother you. To those who say it won’t bother you, you haven’t got the device yet.

3 It is not edge to edge display

You can still see bezels. They may be thinner, but they’re still there. Throw in the notch, throw in the narrower screen size to the Plus, and you’re not really watching content on this magnificent edge to edge giant screen. You will be disappointed.

4 No home button

For 10 years you have used the home button. That will be no more with the iPhone X. Now you got to get used to making sure the phone sees you, wait a little bit, then swipe up. Don’t underestimate how this will force you to change your habits, when you’re driving or in any situation when you shouldn’t be looking at your phone. You will not be able to discreetly unlock your iPhone X.

5 Face ID

Face ID is simply the technology Apple had to fall back on when they realised that their preference would not be workable in time for the launch, though Apple will not publicly admit it at present. The iPhone 8 Plus will still have the trusty home button with touch ID that you have all grown to love.

6 Two-handed use

Unbelievably, the iPhone X won’t come with reachability. Expect to see that back in a future software update or device once Apple realises that they screwed up in getting rid of reachability. But you have to swipe down right of the notch for control centre and left of the notch for notifications. Good luck with your one handed use X owners.

7 Specs

There are lots of similarities between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. To me, the only benefit you’re gonna get with the X over the 8 Plus is a little bit more with the camera and Animojis. But you see, the 8 Plus will have its own advantages, a wider screen and touch id. Honestly, is the X that much of a superior device?

8 Colours

Not a biggy, but the gold colour the iPhone 8s will come in is probably the sleekest colour I have seen on an iPhone. It looks magnificent. For those who still see the iPhone as a fashion accessory, which I personally don’t, you won’t get the iPhone X in that colour.

9 Price

The iPhone X will be the most expensive iPhone in history. If you want to fork out that much for a phone with a narrower screen than a Plus, a notch which will block your content, a device you cannot use with one hand, no trusted touch id home button and Face ID which was Apple’s second choice because it was not good enough to make screen id work, then be my guest, you’ve got more dollars than sense.

10 First Gen

It is a first gen device. Buyer beware. I’m sure in years to come the notch will go, reachability will be back, the bezels will be thinner, the width of the screen will be equal to the Plus and touch id will be back bigger and better than ever, under the screen.. and then I will get myself an iPhone X. But until then, beware the iPhone X.



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