How to quick charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X


The most eagerly anticipated iPhone 8 and iPhone X had been unveiled for a couple of days, most rumors were verified to be true, like the all-glass body, almost bezel-less screen, wireless charging, face recognition. Except the guess about fast charging, it was not mentioned on the stage in the event Sep 12, however, Apple claims that the new iPhones are capable of recharging up to 50% in just 30 minutes with fast charging technology. It sounds really cool, though 9to5Mac spotted how to quick charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which said that it’s can be used only under the condition of Apple USB-C to lightning cable and USB-C wall adapter are applied, which will be sold separately.



Fast-charge or quick-charge is way more meaningful than wireless charging, however, even iPhone 8 and iPhone X support fast charging it’s not cheap to use it literally. All the accessories genuinely provided by Apple are quite expensive. In this case, a regular Apple USB-C to lightning cable costs $25 and the lowest power brick – Apple 29W USB-C adapter costs $50. In order to activate the fast-charging feature on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we need to pay extra $75 at least. It sounds not that cool now, no wonder why nobody talked about the super fast charging feature in the event, mentioning the charger and cable you need to use the feature doesn’t come in the box, what disappointing it is.


However, it’s nice for MacBook owners who already have the appropriate charger, for the iPad users, the 12W adapter with USB-A to lightning cable can definitely speed up the recharging process if the charger comes in the box still stays at out-of-date 5V 1A .  Even though there’s no leak of how many mAh iPhone 8 and iPhone X will have, most predictions tend to say there will be no upgrade at battery capacity, which is 1960 mAh of iPhone 7. How long does it take to fully charge iPhone 7?  Generally more than 2 hours with a regular charger. What comes to iPhone 8 and iPhone X if applying a higher power-rate charger? If it’s true that iPhone 8 and iPhone X are compatible with a 29W rated charger, other ones with lower power rating would work with them as well, and the charging time will be shortened accordingly.

How to quick charge iPhone 8 and iPone X at a lower price? Here comes a solution. Use a third-party universe charger with higher power input to accelerate the charging speed, no need to get extra cable, USB-A protocol might not meet 50% in 30 minutes, but the whole duration can be reduced. EasyAcc 24W 4.8A 2-port wall charger is extremely worthwhile to have a look, to be compared with Apple 5V 1A protocol, each single port is able to boost 2.4A which can halve the charging time basically.  The price is only $9.9, it’s quite cost-effective.

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