Why MacBook Pro Battery Dies Fast


Nowadays, quite a large number of people are loyal users of Apple products. Though macbook pro is one of the most popular among all Apple devices, some flaws still exist. Recently, macbook pro battery is reported to consume power really fast. So what are the reasons and how to tackle this problem? Read to find the answer.


Low power storage

There are actually numerous reasons why the battery is so short-life on a laptop. The basic reason is that the battery is not proper for long-time working without charging. Here is a chart telling us about the maximum power of all macbook pro versions.


(13 inches)


mac pro


mac pro


mac pro


mac pro


mac pro

Max Power(Wh)






It is apparent that the 2016 13 inches macbook pro’s battery has the least power comparing to its former versions, dropping about 25%. However, its volume is accordingly smaller than these laptops, which makes it more portable. Of course, as its ability to run applications improves when its power storage capacity declines, it is more likely for macbook pro’s battery to die quickly.

Bad habits

Apart from the laptop’s own weakness mentioned above, some other habits may cause your macbook battery dies fast.

1)Frequent on and off

Some people do not charge their computer unless it drains and computers often turn themselves off in case of excessive discharge.


However, frequent power on and off is hazardous for laptops’ battery and could shrink its life.


It is not surprising that many of us play PC games on laptop and we sometimes play it without charging.Anyway, games are real power-consumers.For instance, a laptop could work for approximately 10 hours without charging according to macbook pro data.Games, however, lessen this data to around 2 or 3 hours and we will find that power dies super fast.


3)Videos and Speaker

Playing videos continuously is not different from playing games since most power is used on speaker and display.To be more specific, screen depletes a lot of power on displaying vivid images in video while speaker tries its best to sound.In this process, almost all parts of macbook pro are being used and CPU is high captured.Thus, power goes away amazingly fast.


4)Too many Peripherals

Although peripherals normally consume little power, they should be taken into consideration if power of macbook pro is too low.Some users are accustomed to using wireless mice, which rely heavily on bluetooth.Bluetooth is basically a signal launcher and when it is attached to a laptop, it starts consuming the laptop’s power.That is how power is used.

How to save power


Ways to save power and prolong laptop battery life now seem to be quite easy for us. Firstly, try not to play games or videos when macbook pro is not being charged. Secondly, turn down the volume and brightness if videos are necessary. Putting on earphones could also help save power.Thirdly, try not to use wireless keyboards or mice if they are not really needed.Fourthly, turn on power-saving mode on macbook pro, it could automatically shut Wifi and bluetooth down, thereby saving your power.

Above are reasons of why macbook pro battery dies so fast and some remedies are given.Why not hurry up and try all those methods on your own macbook pro?You will definitely find it helpful!For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : Take Advantage of  50% Off discount on Indiegogo here!





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