How to Charge iPhone 8 faster


I’m sure you’ve run into a situation that you don’t have a battery bank around you and have no time to charge your iPhone fully. There are several simple ways for you to charge your iPhone 8 faster.


Charge with a non-iPhone charger

Most of us might be tricked by the rumor that the only safe charger for your iPhone 8 is the original one that came with it. Absolutely not, many reliable third-party brands are totally trustworthy and even better than the weak one Apple throws in the box. Such as the well-known electronic accessory brand, Anker, is found to be quite dependable.

Besides, although the iPhone is able to draw up to 2.1 amps, Apple’s puts out about 1 amp. So if you have an iPad, the stronger charger that brings with it can provide an excellent charge too.


Do not use your laptop’s USB port

For many of us, the laptop’s USB port is much more convenient than others, but it does have a bad impact on the speed of charging. So if you’re really anxious about the speed, use a wall charger or external battery pack instead of your laptop’s USB port, which allows to your transfer more amps of power at once.


Remove your phone case

Apple, including other phone manufacturer, itself points out  that holding the battery in a room temperature climate will help you to use battery in a long term.

That is to say, your physical and delicate lithium-ion battery can’t stand extreme heat. The kind that some tight-fitting cases can damage your phone while it’s charging.


Enable Airplane Mode

As a matter of fact, turn on the Airplane Mode is the simplest way to save charging time than you can imagine. With this stuff disabled, it shuts off the radios for things like cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Just by following steps:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to turn on the Control Center.

2.Tap on the Airplane Mode icon to toggle Airplane Mode on.

  1. After you’re fully charged, or have an acceptable amount of charge, just turn it off again.

But the drawback is that you’re isolated with the outside world without any calls texts or notifications. It may plunge you into a sense of insecurity, but if you really need to get as quick as possible, it’s something. Apple designed a practical version of this idea called Low Power Mode, and that works alike.


If you are really bothered by the speed of your iPhone and have the same concern about the coming iPhone 8, these methods will definitely give you a hand without any side effects on your smart devices.




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