Best App for IPhone 8


The upcoming iPhone 8 is supposed to be released in this September according to lots of rumors. And the Wall Street Journey reported that if Apple announces the iPhone 8 on Tuesday, September 12, the new phone could be available to preorder as early as Friday, September 15. So since now is already in September, we won’t have to wait for the brand new iPhone 8 long. And to help you better enjoy the new iPhone 8, I will recommend several decent apps which are suitable for the iPhone 8 for you .




Spotify Music


Ad-free; Listen offline; High sound quality,etc.



Digital Zoom; Horizon Level; iClould Lightbox sync; 3D Touch, etc.

CARROT Weather


Rain/Snow prediction; Super accurate weather data; Radar and saletellite maps;Light and dark modes, etc.



Take notes; Sync anywhere; Sharing, Set reminder, etc.


For Music: Spotify Music

Spotify Music, an app designed for both iPhone and iPad, is the first app I’d like to recommend to you. It’s really a great app for music and you can download this app in the app store for free. With this app, you can listen to thousands of high quality songs for free online  without ads. And the app also provides you the function of offline listening only with a cost of $9.99 monthly subscription. So after activate this paid service, you are able to save your favorite music from Spotify to your device.


For Camera: Camera+

It is no doubt that iPhone 8 will has a fantastic camera app itself, but if you want a better one for your iPhone 8, maybe Camera+ 9.1 is a good option for you and it only costs $2.99. Camera+ has the basic features that all the other cameras have. But what make it different, make it worth its price. Take its new feature for instance, Camera+ added 3D Touch capabilities, this enables you to 3D touch the Lightbox icon right from the camera screen to access the recent photo in your Lightbox. So what does that mean? It means that you don’t have to jump into the Lightbox to copy, save, share or delete the recent photo you take anymore. Sounds great, right?


For Weather: CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is a crazy-powerful weather app for its supper accurate weather data. Just as many other weather apps, CARROT Weather can make short-term forecasts and support for Celsius and metric measurements. But things you has to admit is that it’s hard for you to find hilarious spoken dialogue on other weather apps.


For Daily Life: Evernote

To make your life more organized, here is a decent app for you. You can regard this app as a virtual notebook, but in fact it’s more than a notebook. With the help of Evernote, you can organize your personal and professional projects more conveniently and efficiently. It supports you to take different forms of notes(including images, texts, audio, web clippings and so on ) directly and also has the ability to sync your content across devices automatically. Besides, Evernote can set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do list. This is really a humanized feature.


Well, these are all the apps for iPhone 8 I want to share with you and if you have some other good recommendations, please comment below.





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