Does the iPhone 8 have a headphone jack


Some people went completely crazy when learned that Apple’s 3.5mm headphone jack was ditched on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple explained that it’s a dedicated legacy port, but hundreds of millions of people around the world still using it every day. Some iPhone 7/7 plus users accept the change and start to get used to it. They start to use Bluetooth speakers or a 3.5mm to lightning adapter. Before the announcement of iPhone 8, there were rumors leaking that iPhone 8 will bring back the headphone jack. You may also feel excited at that time. However, the rumor doesn’t come true. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus continues the change of iPhone 7 released without a headphone jack


After knowing this news, do you feel disappointed? There is a more desperate rumor that headphone jack will never come back. Nevertheless, things are better than you think. Apple is considerable enough. They prepare nice gadgets in the box of iPhone 8 or 8 plus to satisfy all you need of enjoying music. There are an EarPods with Lightning connector and a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter. Therefore, you can use your own earphone with 3.5mm jack plug or the original one with lightning connector. Considering the removed space of 3.5mm headphone jack has been used for other high-tech features, can you accept this change? Buy iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X on official website


If you still miss the original headphone jack, this video may help. The guy in it describes the way how he brought back the iPhone headphone jack in China. But it seems difficult to intimate. And it’s better not to intimate. I worry about you may break your iPhone.

Don’t keep thinking about bringing the headphone jack back. Science and technology are advancing continually. More and more magical changes will take place. Things will be getting better. Now, for ease of use, buy a powerful adapter which allows connecting of 3.5mm headphone plug and Lightning charging cable.


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Does the iPhone 8 have a headphone jack》有10个想法

  1. The weenie cable needs to be knocked off by China so they are available to whomever needs them for a cheap price.

  2. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Bose ear buds and earphones. I, personally, don’t want to use Bluetooth technology to listen to audio – some of the less expensive Bluetooth technologies have very poor sound quality.

    Technology may be changing continuously, but I cannot personally afford to update every time new technology is made available to the masses.

  3. I just want to say that if I didn’t get my iPhone 8 ridiculously cheap I would have never bought it because it doesn’t have a headphone jack that’s bullshit!

  4. I absolutely HATE this!! If I had known I would have bought another brand & still may. This is absurd!! No reasoning is good enough to not allow listening to ALL the music I have on my phone. I always used the jack so as not to disturb anyone. I hate this!

  5. What about us regular ‘Jane and John Does’? We don’t buy everything that comes down the pike for new technology!! Shame on you APPLE for not thinking of the ‘regular people’ – go back to your roots – remember you started out of the garage! I don’t mind change but change in the right direction ….

  6. No earbud jack sucks and to top it off my ear piece speaker stopped working so all I have is speaker setting for sound… not acceptable for an $800 phone…

  7. Honestly, I’m seriously being more and more swayed away from android for a number of reasons, but the fact that Apple seems adamant in their refusal to implement headphone jacks is a major deal breaker. I’d even be willing to fork out the extortionate £1000+. It’s honestly unacceptable, and I don’t buy the “technology is always moving forward” excuse either, because, very generally speaking, wired just has better quality. I’m not willing to trash my perfectly fine and expensive headphones that have served me very well, just because Apple want to take out what many consider a major feature, and sell it for more.

    If their future iPhones reimplement the basic feature that is headphone jacks, I’d be happy to buy them.

  8. I cannot get my iphone 8 to accept my connected Bluetooth hearing sudcso I can hear through the hearing aidd


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