Samsung Wireless Charger—How Does It Work


As people are pursuing simple and smart life, various accessories have been invented and produced so as to satisfy the quickly changing needs, among which is wireless charger. In this article I’ll give you a brief introduction about Samsung wireless charger and show you how it works, please read on.


What Samsung Wireless Chargers Are Available?

There are several products of Samsung which support wireless charging, such as Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible, Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and Samsung Wireless Charger Tray Design. Here is a table listing the price and compatibility of these products. And to know more details, click here to watch a short video concerning the Samsung Convertible Fast Wireless Charging Stand & Pad.  




Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible


Galaxy S7/S7 edge

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand


Galaxy Note5

Galaxy S6/ S6 edge/ S6edge+/S6 active

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad


Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note3 

Galaxy S4/Note4

Galaxy S5/ Note5 

Galaxy S6 / S6 edge/ S6 edge+/S6 active 

Samsung Wireless Charger Tray Design


Galaxy S7/S7 edge/S7 active


How Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work?

Wireless charging makes the charging process simple—you can just drop your Samsung smartphone onto the charger and then things get to work without hooking anything up to it. This seems like a magic but it’s not. How on earth does this work?

Briefly speaking, the Samsung wireless charger works by transmitting low-power signals between itself and your smartphone. While the wireless charger has a transmitter coil, your phone has a receiver coil. When you put your smartphone on the charger, the charger will regularly send a signal out, and the receiver coil of your phone will recognize it, and then resonance or capacity change happens in the signal. The waveform of the signal is then modulated and thus inductive charging begins.


What Is the Qi-standard of Samsung Wireless Chargers?

As you browse the webpage of Samsung wireless chargers, you’ll frequently find words like “Qi certificated” or “Qi-compatible” in the product introduction. What is the Qi?

Qi is a standard for wireless charging and Qi certificated products tend to be safer than ordinary ones. Usually wireless chargers will generate strong magnetic fields, and if the field is too strong it can induce voltages that may damage smartphones. Qi certified wireless chargers, for example Samsung wireless chargers, have been tested to verify that they don’t induce voltages that can potentially damage your smartphones.


In the end I have one more thing to mention about wireless charging: it is not as efficient as charging with a cable, because a small part of the power gets lost in the form of heat during the charging process. So even though the Samsung wireless charging technology has been quite advanced, you are still recommended to charge with a cable for higher efficiency.


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