Best Features of IPhone 8


The first generation of iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and till now Apple has released ten generations of iPhone models. It’s no doubt that the first emergence of iPhone has upended people’s conventional thinking of the way to control their mobile phones. So this year, what surprise will come with the upcoming iPhone? Besides the celebration of the 10th anniversary of iPhone, we may expected more about what brand new feel and experience will the so-called “iPhone 8” bring us. So here we summarize some of the latest rumors and expertise about the best features which iPhone 8 may have for you.


  • Super-fast charging. The Wall Street Journey said that the iPhone 8 will have a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the Apple’s original Lightning connector in order to charge faster. Besides, some of the rumors even mentioned that iPhone 8 might have a bigger battery than other models of iPhone in past iterations.


  • Wireless charging. Wireless charging may be another useful feature of iPhone 8. With this function, we can charge our iPhone without finding somewhere to plug the device in. What we need to do is just placing the iPhone on an inductive charging pad or mat.


  • Enhanced waterproofing. There is a precious rumor claiming that iPhone 8 may have even higher waterproof rating. And it is likely to be much better than IP68-rated water resistance. So if this rumor turns out to be true finally, it’s really a good news to those people who are not careful enough in their daily life.


  • 3D face recognition. According to some rumors, the iPhone 8 will have advanced 3D sensing technology by PrimeSense for facial recognition. And the Fingerprint Sensor will likely to be replaced, because the 3D face recognition is much safer and more convenient than the Fingerprint Sensor. The 3D recognition can be used for network payment and password. You can even unlock your phone with just a scan of your face or eyes.


 No home button. Some rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 may have no physical home button, but it would be placed on the screen. So the users can still back to the home screen by pressing the screen home button.

Over all, the iPhone 8 may have a radical update in both appearance and functionality. And this upcoming iPhone is expected to launch in this September. But now it’s rumored that the specific release date might be delayed because of technical issues with the display lamination process. However, no matter when the iPhone 8 be released, we just need to look forward to it and enjoy the amazing rumors before its launch!


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