Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 has been quite hot recently, and many of us just can’t wait to have a try. What are the best features that make the phone so attractive? Read on to find the answer.


Type-C Port
The application of type-C port is absolutely a trend for future connectors, which Samsung has caught up with. Apart from Samsung Galaxy S8, Google’s new Pixel phones and the forthcoming LG G6 also sport the new port.
Thanks to type-C’s new user-friendly reversible design, you have no need to worry about which way to plug in because you can connect your cable to your smartphone in any direction. Besides, with the type-C port, your Samsung Galaxy S8 will offer ultra HD 4K video resolution which is 4 times more resolution than standard HD. Enjoy a much sharper, clearer, and more realistic picture brought by type-C port.
Click here to have a closer look at USB Type-C.


Moved Home Button
Another obvious change happened to Samsung Galaxy S8 is that the traditional physical home button has been moved in order to squeeze as much screen as possible onto the front of the phone. Now you can get quick response from this phone by pressing on the pressure-sensitive software button.
Wonder more reasons why Samsung Galaxy S8 has removed the physical button? Click here.


Still using Google Assistant? Forget about it. Now it’s time to have a try of Bixby, voice assistant of Samsung’s own. Bixby is an artificial intelligence system designed to facilitate device interaction and to avoid the complexity of increasingly fully-featured devices which encompasses a range of different features such as Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home and Bixby Reminder. It assists you in dealing with almost all the stuff with an app using touch.
Click here to know more about Bixby.


Camera is also a great feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 that deserves mentioning. Read the chart below which compares the cameras of Galaxy S8 with the cameras of other Samsung smartphones and you’ll find the uniqueness of Galaxy S8.

Yes, it’s the front camera that makes Galaxy S8 stands out of the other ones. The front camera of 8 MP enables you to shot clear and crisp photos that everyone would like to share. And the added Smart Auto Focus function makes everyone in the shot in focus. As to rear camera, Galaxy S8 is not the best, but 12 MP is, to be honest, good enough for our daily shooting.
This video shows how cameras of Galaxy S8 perform.


When considering purchasing a new phone, we tend to think about the lifetime and safety of the battery. Samsung Galaxy S8 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, and below is a chart showing its playtime in various conditions.

The Note 7 explosion problems have shocked the world and caused some bad effects on the reputation on Samsung, that’s why Samsung decides to do many of battery tests on its own (it used to count on its battery suppliers to conduct safety tests before putting the batteries in device). Besides, it’s also conducting new tests that would help it catch any battery flaws. With the efforts of Samsung, safety of Galaxy S8 is reasonable and reliable.


Above are best features of Samsung Galaxy S8 that make it so special. Of course there are still more advantages that I didn’t mention due to the limited length of the article such as the amazing, large display. Anyway, Galaxy S8 is really worth trying and you are suggested to own one!


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