Backlit Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard Giveaway – To Compete. To Win.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, all keyboards are not created equal. Redimp GK100 backlit gaming keyboard is made to compete and to win.

Though it’s not a pure mechanical switch gaming keyboard, as constructed with floating keys, GK100 is designed to mimic a mechanical switch and thus bring you mechanical tactile feel. 

No matter whether you’re engaging in an intense gaming battle or long-time typing, GK100 will offer you the faster responsiveness as well as the maximum comfort. 

Backlit Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

More details on Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard, visit HERE.

  • #1. Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard. Rainbow of LED backlighting immerse yourself in different gaming battle, easy to find hotkeys in dim lighting. Backlit can switch to breath mode, comes 3 modes for brightness.
  • #2. Hybrid of Mechanical and Membrane Technology. Constructed with floating keys, the crisp tactile click of a mechanical switch to deliver rapid responsiveness like mechanical keyboard.
  • #3. Hand-friendly. Ergonomic gaming design of contoured keycaps and wrist rest for brilliant tactile feeling and maximum comfort while in marathon gaming battle. 19 Anti-ghosting keys; Windows key can be disabled in gaming.
  • #4. Plug & Play. USB wired keyboard, no driver needed. With metal plate built-in for thick heavy and durability. Water-resistant design can better equip you while fracking with online battle in case of coffee or tea spilling on the keyboard.
  • #5. 100% Satisfaction. Free cleaning kit( Keycap puller + brush); 30-Days Money Back; 1 year manufactural warranty. By contacting us on Redimp official website to get warranty support.

Backlit Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard Giveaway – To Compete. To Win.》有2个想法


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