What is Wemogee and how to use Wemogee

When you read this name, did you think about something we are familiar with? Emoji? Yes, it is. Samsung WemogeeTM is the first emoji-based chat app, an app for talking through images. It is developed by Samsung Italy. This app was created in order to restore the possibility for aphasia sufferers to communicate easily and quickly with their friends and family. However, in my opinion, everyone, who likes stylish and interesting things, should try to use it. It will bring you a lot of fun. What is Samsung DeX and how to connect Samsung DeX

Aphasia is caused when brain regions responsible for language comprehension and speaking are injured.


Samsung WemogeeTM is based on a library of more than 140 phrases: in collaboration with a team of speech therapists, a list of the most common phrases in informal chat was defined, relating to basic needs as well as to their emotions. These words were then translated into logical sequences of emojis, which are divided into six categories. Aphasia users can choose the emojis representing what they would like to say. Wemogee will translate the emoji combinations into text for non-aphasic users and then translate their response back into emojis. It is also suitable for normal people who like emoji or like this interesting way of expressing emotions.

How to use Wemogee?

1. Download Wemogee on your phone or tablet.


2. Open Wemogee app.


3.1 If you choose the face-to-face mode, you can choose what you want to express and show it to others.



3.2 When you want to send a message, text what you want to express in the dialogue box. Or choose a category of emojis and then choose the group of emojis expressing your thought. You can set what kind of expression you would like to read, text or emoji, by setting non-aphasic mode or aphasic mode.



Now, Wemogee is only available on Google Play, with iOS and Samsung Galaxy App versions coming soon.

Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wemogee.app

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