Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were unveiled on the March 29, 2017. It is a challenging year for Samsung as the explosion of its note 7, but we are still look forward to its return. A good mobile phone is not all-resistant, that’s why accessories are needed. As to a smartphone, screen comes to the most important part. To keep your screen well-protected, some best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8 are recommended.


Jdburian Temper-proof Screen protector
Jdburian is an overall protector which rolls almost every feature into one. It can meet all your requirements for protection of your phone from dust, scratch, fingerprint expression and dirt. Some key impressive functions are listed as follows:
 Loaded with bubble-free installation and residue-free removal.
 Anti-fingerprint coating will keep oily substance away.
 Provide resistant against shocks and scratches.
 Real touch sensitivity.
 UV-light resistance prevents the film from yellowing.


2Win2Buy Screen Protector
2Win2Buy is more a protector which focuses on resisting scratch and drop. It can protect your Galaxy S8 screen from any thick edge substance like knife, key or even coin. To keep higher touch sensitivity, it features only 0.22mm which provides a closest original touch and real HD picture.


Tauri High-Durable Protector
You only need to pay one protector to get two of the Tauri. It is a very competitive protector without worrying about its quality because of it offers lifetime replacement warranty. Most of your requirements for protection such as against scratch and drop are ensured. Similar to many other protectors it protects Galaxy S8 screen from any thick edge substance like knife, key or even coin. Most importantly, it is easy to install and remove.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Protector
As a top accessory industry specialized in smartphone and tablet, it provides customers with high quality protectors. Tech Armor priors to many other else protectors on the aspects of lifetime warranty which backed by Tech Armor and the highest-grade Japanese Asahi glass and silicon adhesive for bubble-free installation. You will be impressed by its 99.99% HD clarity with screen scratch-resistance as well. Some basic functions such as fingerprint and smudges resistance are undoubtedly well equipped. You can easily install it by yourself.

HD Flexiclear Film Screen Protector
This is another product under the brand of Tech Armor. It much cheaper than the ballistic glass protector, only cost you $7.95 on Made from the highest-grade polyurethane film that wraps around the curves of the screen will well protect you Galaxy S8 from drop and scratch. Best of all, it features shock-absorbing edge-to-edge protection which avoids your mobile phone from bad damage as drop happened by chance.
To replace a screen for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be expensive, so you are suggested to pick a good protector from the market if the above mentioned protectors are not your taste. There still countless options you can choose from.


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