Pokémon Go Gen 2 Where to Find Pokémon


With 100 new Pokémon and 88 new moves added, Pokémon Go Gen 2 has drawn a lot of fans crazy. However, before you can capture any Pokémon in Gen 2, you have to find them first. Read this article to get some tips.


Discover Pokémon Nearby with Nearby and Sightings
Actually there are many Pokémon in nearby places like in gyms, on streets, in the parking lots and in some other places which can be detected with Nearby and Sighting. While the former shows you Pokémon hanging around the PokéStops in your vicinity, the latter shows you Pokémon hiding close by your spot which are ready to spawn.
Notice that both Nearby and Sighting show just part of the Pokémon around you, and that rare Pokémon will be highlighted which you never want to miss.


Notice Spawn Points and Nests
Spawn points and nests are places where the same kind of Pokémon spawns multiple times a day. A spawn point (or nest) tends to appear in Nearby, on Sighting or around Gyms. It can also be found at street corners, in parking lots and near waterways.
But I have to mention that nest migration happens randomly, which means that the nest wouldn’t remain in the same place forever. Besides, not all Pokémon have nests, like Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Muk, Polywag and so on.


Where to Find Pokémon of No Nests
Although not all Pokémon have their own nests, which I have mentioned before, each has their own environment. For example, Lapras tends to appear near the water, Dragonite appears in the mountains. Besides, such Pokémon also spawn in densely populated areas like cities.


Pokémon You Can’t Find
You may find there are some Pokémon which you can’t find. Sometimes this is because you haven’t encountered one yet (it is said that some Pokémon haven’t been found yet like Smeargle and Delbird); sometimes the reason is that there are some regional exclusives. Regional exclusive means that if you live out of some specific areas, you’ll not be able to see Pokémon which belongs to those areas only. For instance, Taurus is available in U.S. and Southern Canada, Mr. Mime in Western Europe, Farfetch’d in Hong Kong and Japan, Kangaskhan in Australia and Haracross in Central and South America.


At last I’d like to recommend you guys to make friends with other players to exchange useful information about where to encounter various kinds of Pokémon; besides, joining local Pokémon Go Facebook groups may also be of help.
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