Type-C Accessories 2017


Since MacBook 12 came into the market with its innovative USB type-c equipped in March, 2016. Type-C has made a stir to the market for its unique thin body and non-directional design, which lessens the size of the USB ports and makes it convenient for people to charge. Compared with the traditional type A, type-C is fairly thinner and can easily be inserted into devices—whatever sides you choose. It means that you are likely to plug it in right the first time without struggling for so many times. And if you are always troubled by the inconvenience of type A and type B accessories it must be good news for you to get some information about type-C accessories. Here I would like to introduce some type-C accessories in 2017.

USB-C Charge Cable


Beyond that there is a 2-meter USB-C Charge Cable. This type-C accessory allows you to charge the new MacBook and has a USB-C connector on both of its ends. It also supports USB 2 for syncing, according to Apple.

Google 18w USB-C Power Adapter


The Google 18W USB-C charger outputs the lowest wattage of the three best-rated chargers, which means it can’t deliver a high enough output to charge powerful tablets or laptops at max speeds. Overall, it’s a good fit for charging smartphones. But, keep in mind that Google’s 18W charger won’t charge the Pixel Phon.

Asus MB169C+


The 15.6-inch MB169C+ is everything you could want in a model with its thin, light, lag-free feature. The idea is that you can easily slip it into your bag when on the road and hook it up to your laptop for extra screen space. It is a particular Godsend when paired with Apple’s 12-inch MacBook.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100


Anker PowerCore+ 20100 holds a nice capacity which allows you to charge your devices for many times. The power bank has a total of three ports, two of which are standard USB Type A output ports. The two type-C ports make it possible for you to charge all your non USB Type C devices. And the third is a USB Type C port that is capable of charging USB Type C compatible devices, as well as the power bank itself.

Seagate Innov8


USB-C comes in particularly handy when it comes to hooking external hard drives such as the Seagate Innnov8. You are able to use a single cable to both power the drive and connect it to your laptop. By doing this, you even don’t need a bulky mains power adapter. Moreover, Innov8 is outstanding in terms of both size and capacity. Its massive 8TB of storage makes it a great fit for backing up anything from music and movies to entire Steam games. Also, you will find it quick and seamless to transfer files to and from the Innov8.
With the use of type-C accessories, people find it more convenient when charging devices and transferring files. Type-C not only narrows down the occupied space but also makes it more fluent for you to plug it in the right place. So, you will never be regretful about trying type-C accessories in 2017.


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