DIY Glowing Mouse Pad


Still being bored for your traditional unchanged mouse pad? Still searching for something new to personalize your mouse pad? If your answer is yes, then it must be attractive for you to DIY a mouse pad, especially an innovative glowing mouse pad. Now I would like to present you something about how to DIY glowing mouse pad.



Before you start, you have to put all of these materials in accessible position. They are: 10mm thick clear acrylic, pencil, spare usb cable, 2pcs 47ohms resistor, heatshrinks, electrical tape, polishing compound, 4pcs 3v 5mm blue led light, ruler; and vinyl sticker.


Besides, you should also prepare some basic tools such as dremel (carried with cutting disk, drillbit attachement and polisher ), files and soldering gun.


The first part is for the making of acrylic. You should create a desired design of your own by drawing in a small paper. And then draw your design on your 10mm acrylic after that you can use a drill bit to cut off the design. Then, you should pile the acrylic to give a smoother surface and check where will be your top area. Carefully use the dremel to drill a hole for your USB cable. Please use your safety goggles because it will be hot and scraps are flying wildly.


The second part is for the electronics. You should cut one end of the usb cable (usually the female) and connect the cables with blue led light correctly. Then use some heat shinks cover the surface for vacuum and protection. Finally, you should connect all positive & negative lines separately and connect it on your computer. If all is properly lit and not blinking, secure everything with electrical tape.
If you are still feeling puzzled, you can also go through this video to get some detailed information. Please click here.
It can be a real exciting thing if you can DIY a glowing mouse pad successfully! However, it can also be embarrassing if you are not available for all these materials and tools. Thus, I would like to recommend some outstanding glowing mouse pads for you to feel the magic of a glowing mouse pad.

Beautiful Tech


Beautiful Tech is a pretty cool mouse pad. Glowing dazzling LED lights are designed on the four sides of this mouse pad, which perfectly match up with your any LED mouse and keyboards. As for many game players, it can be a good experience. Also, as it is powered by USB, you can use it conveniently once plug it to the computer!



E-3LUE flashy RGB gaming mouse pad sparks up your gaming performance. The ultra- smooth polyethylene surface promises easy, seamless gliding and rapid mouse movement with low-friction. Also, it is easy for you to achieve multi-colored lighting effect with autonomous on or off. It is surely a stunning aesthetic to your battle station.
To sum up, a glowing mouse pad not only decorates your computer but can also bring amazing experience with its colorful lights. It is not only a presence of your uniqueness but also bring freshness to you. If you are interested in it, take action and DIY glowing mouse pad right now!



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