Best Writing Apps for iPad

An increasing number of people prefer using iPad to work, study or recreate instead of using the laptop. Not very recommended with a Bluetooth keyboard as resistant, on the one hand is that no good feel of the keyboard because the kind of keyboard is really thin and short. On the other hand, I think, the meaning of taking notes in the process of has been completed, and this is the keyboard can not do. Besides, it is not convenient to take a Bluetooth keyboard when you are out. Due to different respects of inconvenience, there come so many writing apps for iPad users. All sorts of writing apps for iPad on the app store, but practical apps are not so much. If you are looking for some practical writing apps for iPad, you can see this recommend writing apps list.


 Best Writing Apps for iPad 2  


Good balance, available function. You can write small words comfortably in the handwritten zoom box of the page, and the recording function is really good to sub-named each paragraph recording. The developer also continues to listen to the views of others to improve functions, a lot of details are optimized very well, such as zoom function can be automatically adsorbed to each line of the words, it is very efficient in the manual line feeds. It can automatically upload notes to your designated network disk. In short, people can fully focus on the notes without worry.


Perhaps this is a common problem, every function is not optimized to the best condition: the speed of writing there can’t fit perfectly, especially when you write with quick speed; The background of the page is not rich, completely just another color, not for different purposes to show the effect.


Best Writing Apps for iPad 3


It has the best writing effect for iOS. The settings are much less than the Notability, but it does not affect the convenience of use. It promoted writing to a new level of experience. At the same time, the design of following the paper makes it very simple to get started.In all writing apps, it is always the best, with unparalleled handwriting feeling, extremely refined interface, a lot of fun expression can be added and so on. I have not found a better writing app compared with the performance, ink realistic degree or writing follow-up speed. After updating the interface is more friendly, the theme also has more options, it is suitable for these firstly use writing app, in my opinion, it is more suitable for personal entertainment, write log, do a brief record and so on.


PDF import is not supported. In addition, similar paper design notebook also created shortcomings, the latter editing function is quite weak: such as the inserted picture can not make the second edit. So this app is more suitable for shorthand.


Best Writing Apps for iPad 4


Not only 90% of the notability function but also has the similar appearance and writing of Noteshelf. there is no pity like Noteshelf can not import PDF. You can regard it as a Notability upgrade. It also has a strong backup function, you can quickly archive the file back.

If you want to experience both Noteshelf and Notability’s advantages, then Upad is the best writing app for iPad.



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