Can I DIY My Own Power Bank


Nowadays, power bank has become one of our daily needed objectives. When we are on the go, it saves our smartphone from running out battery so that we can keep in connection with others and have some entertainment.

Generally speaking, we get a power bank from Amazon or eBay; just input the key word and we can scan various brands of power bank of different capacities and shapes. However, have you ever thought about creating a unique power bank for yourself? If so, how can you DIY your own power bank? Are there any points that you should pay attention to? Read this article and find the answer.  


Step 1: Prepare Materials

First of all, you need to prepare the materials needed for making a power bank, including:

  • two 18650 Lithium ion batteries
  • a 1A TP4056 module with protection circuit
  • a 3v to 5v USB DC-DC step up module
  • a box
  • some metal and wires

You may wonder why we should choose 18650 Lithium batteries. This is because that this kind of battery is of light weight, small size and large capability. You can buy them both online and offline. For safety, you’d better to choose those of great brand and high quality.


Step 2: Draw a Diagram and Connect Materials

When we were junior high school students, we learnt how to draw a diagram. If you have forgotten how to draw one, just search the internet for help. Try to make your diagram a simple and practical one, and try to avoid the common mistakes that are easy to make such as short circuit.   

After you have drawn a reasonable diagram, you can start connecting your materials as the diagram shows. In this process you should be careful not to connect wires wrongly.


Step 3: Make Assembly

When you put all the connected materials into the box, be careful to protect the wires in case any is out of connection. Put each material at the right place so you can charge conveniently.


Step 4: Test your Power Bank

Now comes the most exciting part! After all of the preparations and assembly, you must be eager to know whether you have succeeded or not. Just connect your smartphone with the power bank to see whether it is being charged. If it is, then congratulations, you have your own DIY power bank to use now. But if not, don’t worry, unpack it to see what’s wrong and try more times until it finally works.


Well, above are all the steps needed to DIY a power bank. If you find it a little boring to read the instruction, here’s an interesting video from YouTube which tells you how to DIY your own battery.

We buy what we need for most of the time, convenient as it is, we cannot get the fun of creating. Sometime we can try to DIY things on our own, no matter what we’ll get in the end, just enjoy the process.


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