How to Change Font Style on Android


There is a famous saying in China goes like: your handwritings reflect who you are. Although I don’t think it is totally right, it really mean something. Your handwritings to some extent reflect your characteristic and your qualities. Today, in this digital age, people are get used to using PC for work, through smartphone sending messages and emails to communicate with others. In this case, the font style on your smartphone rather than your handwritings reflects “who you are”.


Although the default setting on Android looks very comfortable, there are still many reasons let you change the device font settings. No matter you want to customize your smartphone to be cool and usable or just want to change a bit to refresh, you can through two ways to hit your mark—-stock settings and third party apps.


Change font style through stock settings
At the demand of most Android users, a majority of Android phones allows users to change the font style and themes without necessity to install a third-party app. And the process to let your smartphone looks more stylish is very easy. The most common way to achieve this is to head to Settings→Device→Display→Font to make change. Different ways may be applied to different versions and vary from Android phone as well. But they all similar to each other, so you are sure to get you destination based on this elementary path. Although there are not many options free for you, but still you can several alternatives to choose from. If you are not such a fussy person, they are enough for you.
But if your style is polytropic, install a third-party app may be your best choice.

Change font style through third-party app
There are numerous options provide for you in font apps. Meanwhile, it’s very easy to change your system settings by install a font app. However, one thing should be point out that is some of apps require root to work, thus you need to take trail before you can download various fonts. By the way, I’d like to recommend some best font apps for you which work well on Android.


FontFix From the name you can tell it helps you fixing your tiresome system fonts. Installing this app, all you need to do is to pick up what you like and click the “install” button, of course this means you have downloaded and activated this font. Only a few second, you can see the font you choose applied to every text where your screen showing. Unluckily, if you are a user of Samsung, it can’t work if your smartphone is non-rooted.


iFont is also popular among Android users. Similar to FontFix, it provides hundreds of font style to match your different mood. Besides, it supports different languages including Spanish, French and Russian etc. However, you may ask a number of permissions before you install it, but you have to accept it if you want to change your system font. What’s more, the iFont module with Xposed installer app allows you to create the unique font of your won by working with the MyScriptFont app.
Best of all, both FontFix and iFont are free. Are you eager to download one of them and have a try?


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