Does iPhone Support Wireless Charging


If you are not satisfied with the tangled charging cables which make your desk in a mess, you may have been dreaming for the advancement of wireless charging technology (you may also call it inductive charging) which makes use of coils to transfer energy and saves your iPhone from troublesome cables. In this article, the editor tells you that it is possible to charge your iPhone wirelessly and gives suggestions of how to do this.


Actually, wireless charging technology has been developed by Nikola Tesla a century ago, but it hasn’t been widely applied until recent years. Since this technology is getting more and more advanced, the dream of wirelessly charging your iPhone comes to real now, and the only thing you have to do is to place your iPhone on the charging pad which requires power supply to function. The following are three recommended devices for you.


1. Qi Wireless Charger Receiver
This is a 0.5mm thick wireless charger receiver which is quite mini and occupies little space. It sits between your iPhone case and iPhone with a lightning connector at the end, bending around the bottom of your iPhone and connecting with the lightning jack all the time. When you have to charge your phone, just put it on any Qi based wireless charging format. Do remember that the receiver works specifically with Qi format.As to compatibility, it works with iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s plus.


2. Bazalel Latitude (Qi + PMA)
While many wireless charging accessories works with specific system, the company claims that Bazalel Latitude is the first charging case to support both Qi charger and PMA (Powermat) charger. Besides, it’s attractive in design—-since it’s very slim, it looks just like your own iPhone case rather than a charging case. Additionally, the two available colors—-black and white, are both classic and quite Apple-style.


3. Mophie Juice Pack Air
Juice Pack Air is one of the best battery cases for iPhone, it is compatible with iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus.The biggest advantage of Juice Pack Air is that you can use it no matter at home, in the office or in your car thanks to different types of mount. Besides, just like Bazalel Latitude, it is able to work with both Qi and PMA chargers, which means that as long as you place your case on any wireless charging base, power is sent to your device directly on contact.
To know more details, click here to see a short video about the Mophie Charge Force from TechCrunch website.


Well, above are brief introductions about wireless charging technology and three of the various wireless charging products, there are still more accessories which may be useful and attractive. If you are interested in wirelessly charging your iPhone and decided to do some researches, you may find that there are a lot of options for you both on eBay and Amazon.


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