Best Wearable Devices 2017


With the close companion of smartphones and computers, nowadays, it seems not so necessary to possess a wearable device. However, in order to survive from these advanced technologies, wearable tech never stops its steps. Most wearable devices today feature both functions of helping people to keep fit and communicating skills like mobile phones. Besides, they generally win the consumers hearts for their characteristic of portability. Thus, there are still favorable markets for wearable devices.
Undoubtedly, there are many alternatives in the market to choose from. Therefore, it’s uneasy for you to have a right one, but still there is one rule suitable for everyone—-the right wearable device must be based on your needs. According to different needs, I’d like to recommend some best suitable devices. If you are in the market to have a wearable device, you can get some information from my recommendation.


Best devices for indoor cycling
Wahoo Tickr X
Many runners and sports people are migrating to wear a watch or fitness tracker; however, as far as I’m concerned, the chest strap is far from dead. Wahoo Tickr X, as a chest strap accessory, is a fairly simple device. It is easy to fit and easy to clean. Compare to watches and fitness trackers chest strap has its own advantages. They are better at sensing heart rates than optical wrist sensors; their position on the body is more useful than the wrist; and more, they are cheaper than most other devices.


Of course, the Tickr X will monitor a number of workouts, but its main staple in running and cycling are the reasons why I think it is the best device for indoor cycling. Indoor activities means the GPS is useless, so the end result is little more than the record of your heart rate data. Dedicated cadence and RPM data for this type of workout makes Tickr X a key choice for spin fiend.


Moov Now
In case you dislike chest strap, you can consider owning a Moov Now. From the name you can tell that is a good device for sport—-just move now! Definitely, it will be a good tracker for indoor cycling by adding indoor cycling metrics. It can tracker all manner of spinning stats being spot on your leg, from cadence to power. I like its design with two straps in the box—large and small—which is helpful as you do need to position the Moov Now around your ankle for running and tracking. But if it can support heart rate monitor by its own, it will be perfect.


Best wearable devices for swimming
If you are a swimming lover, you may be eager to find a waterproof tracker. Although, you can find many devices are waterproof nowadays, it can be difficult to find the best one. As waterproof is the most important feature for swimmer, I recommend the following devices which were the winners of some waterproof-related tests.


Garmin Vivoactive HR
Garmin seems take waterproof more seriously than most other manufacturers. It has a 5ATM waterproof rating which allow you swimming as deep as you can. With the dedicated app collecting all kinds of data including: distance, time, stroke, speed, SWOLF and so on, you can have a fantastic experience deep in the water. Of course, best for swimming is not the only reason why Garmin stands out. It is an everything watch! Running, cycling, golf, fitness tracking, heart rate monitor, you can do it by only one Garmin.


Apple watch series 2
Similar to Garmin, series 2 is also an overall smartwatch. It supports 50 ATM waterproof rating, adds GPS to track runs; it even introduce a new breathe app to help you relax. With its focus moving to fitness, Apple watch series 2 has undoubtedly been a good fitness tracker. But in comparison to Garmin, series2 is more expensive; therefore, if I need a tracker one day, I’d like to buy a Garmin for I can both enjoy a good experience with it and save some money as well.
No matter what kind of wearable device you own in the end, hope it suit you best. The saying goes: what’s suitable is the best! And be patient because there is always one for you.


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