What Does the Apple Watch Sport Do


Since the Apple Company released the Apple Watch in 2015, people have been thinking highly of this range of products—-Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Among the three, Apple Watch Sport is more affordable and is specially designed for fitness lovers. So, what on earth does the Apple Watch Sport do? Let’s read this article and find the answer.


First of all, with a great Heart Rate Monitor, Apple Watch Sport tracks your heart rate automatically, effectively and accurately. Since the heart rate reflects your exercise intensity, you can adjust yourself according to the data and exercise more reasonably (it is said that the heart rate ranges from 110-140 BPM while doing sports of low or moderate intensity, 160-180 BPM while doing sports of high intensity, and it shouldn’t exceed 210 BPM while doing sports). If you find the data is a little bit big when you are running, you should slow down or stop to have a rest. This function is quite practical and beneficial to your health.


It also tracks your activities such as steps taken, calories burned, floors climbed and so forth. Seeing what you have done will give you a sense of achievement and thus motivate you. Since social network is enabled, Apple Watch Sport allows you to share your fitness achievements with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, and you can also see what kind of sports they did.


Besides tracking functions, notifications are also available. Once you have paired your Apple Watch Sport with your iPhone, you can do exercise without worrying about missing important phone calls or messages even your iPhone is not beside you because the watch will remind you of the calls and messages. Since the watch has a built-in microphone, you can even answer the call directly through it! And if you have set schedules for your day, the watch will remind you too.


Another function that will surprise you is that you can use Apple Pay on Apple Watch Sport to make purchases in stores that accept contactless payments. To do this, you just need to set up Apple Pay in the Apple Watch app on iPhone, and then you’re ready to make purchases—even if you don’t have iPhone with you. But if you unpair the Apple Watch Sport, disable your passcode, or turn off wrist detection, you can’t use Apple Pay.


What’s more, the battery life of 18 hours is also satisfactory and is enough for you. When the battery is low, you can put Apple Watch in Power Reserve mode to save power. If you forget to do that, Apple Watch Sport will automatically enter Power Reserve mode if the percentage of battery charge remaining drops below approximately 10 percent. Under the Power Reserve mode, the watch continues to keep and display time, but other apps will be unavailable for use.


Moreover, Apple Watch Sport has a Maps glance for a quick look at your location and surroundings, and a full Maps app for exploring and getting directions. If you want to go hiking to a new place or to explore your surroundings, take the Apple watch sport with you so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.


Above are just part of the functions of Apple Watch Sport, and it still gets more functions which I don’t give detailed descriptions here such as storing and displaying photos from synced photo albums, controlling music on a Mac or PC remotely, enabling you to have conversation with Siri and so on. And for series 2, 50 meters water resistance and GPS are also available. If you are interested in Apple Watch Sport, watch videos on Youtube website or read relevant reviews so as to know more about it.


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