How to Connect Samsung TV to Wireless Sound Bar


Congratulations on your new wireless sound bar! Now, the next step for you is to connect the wireless sound bar to your Samsung TV and then you can enjoy crystal clear TV sound and relax yourself sitting on the sofa. However, the very first preparation you should make is to require some knowledge about how to connect your TV to a wireless sound bar.


To start with, you should know SoundShare which is a form of Bluetooth connection and it is a function available on select Samsung TVs, wireless portable speakers, sound bars and wireless audio docks. Using the SoundShare feature to connect your wireless sound bar to the Samsung TV, and the TV audio will output through your sound bar.


Follow the steps here, and then you can connect your Samsung TV and wireless sound bar through SoundShare.
Step1: power on your TV as well as your sound bar and set your TV input to where your external device is connected. To make the connecting process smoothly, you should place the second bar within 20 inches of the TV.
Step2: press the SoundShare button on your sound bar remote control. By doing this, the front display of the sound bar will read ‘TV’ and then ‘TV SoundShare’ will scroll across the display.
Step3: use the TV remote brings up your TV menu and locates the SoundShare settings.
About 30 seconds later, the prompt will appear. And then you should use the directional arrow buttons on your TV remote to select YES and press ENTER. Here, you will see a ‘connecting’ prompt quickly appear before a confirmation prompt displays. Only 8~10 seconds after you pressing ENTER, the audio will begin outputting through the sound bar.


Now everything is done but in order not to intrude on your TV watching experience, the last thing you should do is to move your sound bar up to 16 feet away from the TV by which the sound bar display will read ‘TV CONN’ and will dim out until there is no display. When a connection is established with a SoundShare device, the TV speaker select settings will automatically change from TV speakers to SoundShare. So now, you can use your TV or sound bar remote to adjust the volume and power on/off the devices.


Attention should be paid: some buttons on your sound bar remote control may display ‘not available’ on the sound bar front display (Auto Power, Speaker, Play, Next, Prev, Stop) because those functions are not available when using SoundShare.


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