How to Set Up New Android Phone


A new year started, many of you may be willing to update your phone today are not expensive at all, and even you can afford one each year. When you hold a brand new Android phone, the very first thing you want to do is to set up so that you can be more convenient later. Of course, convenience is not your only target to set up. As a kind of private tool, customize your phone into your best taste must be included. In this article, I’d like walk you through some initial set up and customizing your brand new phone.

Initial set up
Adding your Google account
You’ve got Android phone, which means you’re going to need a Google account to make sure you get the most out of it. If you don’t have one already, you can set one up on the phone itself. It’s needed for downloading apps, syncing contacts and calendar information, and lots of other Android-related things.


Securing your phone
After adding your Google account, the first thing you should do is to secure your phone in case it ever gets lost or stolen. At least, it will take my priority to do it if I get a ne phone because I have just lost my third phone recently. With phones falling into the wrong hands every day, now is a pretty good time to think about protecting your smartphone. Follow several steps to protect your phone firstly.


Step one: Enable Password Protection
Android security comes in the form of a swipe pattern (unless your new phone is Android 2.2 Froyo, in which you can also set a PIN or password). To set one, go into your Android’s settings, choose security, and then change Unlock Pattern, check Require Pattern and you will be able to enter a swipe pattern. Coming up with something easy won’t do much help, so figure out a complex swipe pattern you can remember.


Step two: Enable Remote Wipe
Remote wipe does what the name implies: it remotely wipes the data on your phone and restores it to the factory settings. This should be prepared to initiate should your phone fall into the wrong hands. However, to do this, you need adding remote wipe via the Mobile Defense app. It’s free in the Android Market place and you can wipe your Android phone from the Mobile Defense website.


Download and install apps
Above I mentioned that to secure your phone, you need to install or security app, in this section, I’ll show you how to download and install apps.
A smartphone without apps is just a phone. Therefore, according to your own requirements, you may need a list of apps to download. Now open the market app which is a shopping bag icon with the Android mascot on it on your home screen. Then search or browse for what you want to download.
Naturally, if you’re a social media lover, apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be included in your list. And if you’re accustomed to reading online, download pocket, which lets you save articles from websites for offline reading. If you want to save on battery life, display them with white text against black background. As for me, a music lover, there is always a music app on my phone. Is you are crazy at music, you should get apps like Spotify or Pandora which let you stream your favorite songs while on the go. What’s more, if you’re not so convenient to cook food and like ordering food, app like Seamless may be useful.


For that recommended mobile security app, look for Anti-Virus Free from AVG, an app that not only helps you locate your lost phone and remotely wipe the data, but also scans for malware and can protect from phishing and malware when browsing the web.
Whichever you choose, tap the app name from the search results to download the app and you will get a message in the notification bar at the top of your screen that the app was installed.


Customizing you phone
When comes to customization, the first thing I’d like to do is to change my wallpaper. You can choose to install a live wallpaper which are animated and typically interactive backgrounds that provide ever-changing screens to keep your phone dynamic. Or you can just choose one picture from your photo albums which makes your screen warmer.
Another thing many people want to do is customize their apps that are on screen as there are so many apps today without organizing them you will be not happy with your phone experience. The best way to have a tidy screen is to organize apps on your screen in folders. Tap anywhere on an empty space on your screen and hold down for a second or two, then select Folders→New Folder. When the new folder is set, you can drag apps which can be classified in a same type in. For example, you can out music app and reading app together for entertainment. For easy access, you need to rename the folder. Hold down the name of the folder in the title bar and then type in a new name.
Much fun and goodness awaits you with your new Android phone. You will explore them step by step. Be patient and you can enjoy it!



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