What if Bluetooth Speaker Not Charging?


With the high-speed development of modern technology, Bluetooth Speakers are now much smaller and ultraportable, they have become one of the must-have accessories for smartphones, iPods, iPads and laptops. It is hassle-free to generate wise music and liven up dull surroundings easily.

EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

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Practically everyone would prefer to choose a longer-playtime Bluetooth Speaker, which contains larger battery capacity. But not everyone knows how to maintain Bluetooth Speakers’ battery health, the playing experience will not be that smooth as with the downgraded battery. 

When the Bluetooth Speaker is running out of power, the hungry signal will be generated by blinking LED lights or non-working power button, not to mention the connecting problem, the speaker doesn’t have extra power to activate the Bluetooth system. Anyway, when the battery becomes flat, the first thing you need to do is charging. 

What if Bluetooth Speaker not charging? How to fix it? 

1.Check the LED light

Generally speaking, the LED light will start blinking when you connect the charging cord and charger to your Bluetooth speaker. Like the EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker features a 360 degree LED light which wraps around under the top metal and indicates the charging status. If the light is broken, probably the speaker is charged for real but the light says the opposite. If this is the case, try to turn it on after 1 hour’s charging, if it works fine the LED light is broken for sure. It’s not completely handy to use the defected Bluetooth speaker but at least there’s no other system problems encountered.


2.Switch the charging cable and adapter

It has a great chance of applying broken cable or charger when the Bluetooth speaker not charging, therefore go to switch them to identify whether they are at fault or not. If so, directly replace them to qualified ones. 

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3.Clean charging port

Chances are that the charging port is choked with lint, dust and dirt. A can of compressed air can blow out the offending irritants and get your USB connection back to normal. If the charging port becomes loose, do not try to fix it by yourself if you don’t get any experience with the tools like pliers or tweezers. Go to ask customer service or someone with solid skills for help.


4.Update/Reset software

The dead battery issue also occurs when the software is out of date, the manufacturers regularly release the updates or upgraded drivers to solve the corresponding problems. This happens on lots of rechargeable devices out there and there is usually a fix. 

After all, if your Bluetooth speaker still says not charging, contact the after sale customer service and get support immediately.

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What if Bluetooth Speaker Not Charging?》有5个想法

  1. My port in my mini nomad pins are broken and can’t charge can any one fix it’s a sprout mini nomad Bluetooth

  2. Hi, I have a esayacc v3 speaker and the sound is only coming through one side….. can you help.

  3. Was able to pair with my Armor 6 phone then stopped sending out signal. Now all 3 of my EasyACC speakers blink steadily upon startup and my phone does not pair with them, does not see the device in discovery mode. All 3 speakers couldn’t have crapped out at once.

  4. can you suggest how to replace battery in Hottech 3216 model bluetooth speaker.Initially the charging light is on after 5 minutes charging light is off.Power button is not on. Pl suggest me the solution.


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