The Best Game Controller for PC

The Best-Game-Controller-for-PC

Since the early 1990s, the rise of computer games, no more than 10 years, It has attracted countless people. At the same time, the public PC enthusiasts have opportunity to focus on this field that is full of opportunities. Nowadays, with the development of different game types people create diversified professional control equipment. they have their own advantages, Such as, best for fighting, best for racing, best for mac.
PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad works cross PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you play a ton of fighting games on PC, PDP’s Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad is a reliable and fairly affordable tool for crushing your friends with deadly combos. This lightweight controller’s d-pad is much more precise than that of the standard Xbox 360 controller, and its arcade-style six-button layout allows you to access all of your main attacks without relying on the shoulder buttons.
Design-wise, the Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad fits snuggly in players’ hands and its soft backing material ensures no callouses or blisters might form. The oblong design of the controller itself smartly supports the players’ left thumb – keeping it right on the d-pad – while the right side offers more freedom for quick button presses. The d-pad and face buttons are also perfectly spaced, ensuring that everything is well within reach but not too cramped.
So, PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad is the best for fighting.

The Thrustmaster GPX LightBack is a good wired gamepad with some interesting features. The weight of Thrustmaster GPX LightBack is 15.5 ounces. The body and grip are made of comfortable matte plastic, and the staggered control-stick placement instantly makes the layout familiar to anyone who’s used an Xbox 360 controller. There’s no installation required, and any game that works with a 360 controller will work with this device instantly.
The best for racing is Thrustmaster GPX LightBack.

The Best-Game-Controller-for-PC
SteelSeries Nimbus is a simple, refined, relatively inexpensive controller, made specifically with Apple devices in mind. Whether you want to play third-person action games on Steam or more casual fare through iTunes, the Nimbus offers a foolproof setup and top-notch performance.
Xbox 360 controller and Nimbus is almost exactly the same. Nimbus is a little lighter, which means that gamers won’t have quite as much heft as they’re used to. As Apple fans have limited options when it comes to controllers. Nimbus works well with Macs iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs, if you have one of those devices, it may be worth the price of admission just to have a quality controller for mobile- and console-style games.

The Best-Game-Controller-for-PC
Choose a game controller for your needs, and you’ll get the best experience!


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