What is the best app for free music


Over the years music fans have gradually changed how they listen to their music and what they listen to it on. With the rise of the smartphone some music devices, like MP3 and MP4, were gradually replaced and music app becomes a new trend of times.However, with the amounting music app coming to the app store, to choose a satisfying and no-cost music app becomes essential.Here I’d like to give some recommendations.



Poweramp is one of the most eminent audio players in android system. It is available for a variety of formats of music playback, like MP3, WAV, APE, OGG, TTA etc. And its speed of scanning files is also overwhelming, which reaches to 1000 files per second.However, the most precious point of Poweramp is the impressive sound effect. There are 3 kinds of sound effects in it—Dolly Mobile, SRS Enhancement and Beats Audio. As for the smartphones being available for these functions, it will be a real enjoyment to use Poweramp for music listening.

Double Twist’s Cloud Player


DoubleTwistwasa favorite of Android users that had deep roots in the iTunes ecosystem, and still is. This base app has been replaced on this list by Cloudplayer. It is a new offering that has hooks into some of the most popular cloud storage service to deliver your music. Besides, it supports for both Android Wear and Android Auto, which means you’ll be able to stream your tunes in your car, on your twist and in your home or office.With AllPlay support it also means you can now use CloudPlayer on Chromecast Audio, Apple TV or an AllPlay speaker.

Google Play music


Google Play music offers the huge cloud library for your own music, which can perfectly satisfy music fans who owns various music tastes. Its cloud storage allows you to take your music collection with you on whichever Android and iOS device.

Spotify Music


Spotify Music is one of the biggest streaming music service platform. It is supported by Warner Music, SONY and EMI, which ensures the existing sources of legal music and substantial music.Furthermore, its abundant information for singers and gorgeous interface also makes it popular. Its audio stream, which has lived up to a degree of 160kb/s, achieved a high sound quality. By the way, there are two types of Spotify Music—free and payable. If you want to eliminate the advertisements in it you will have to pay for the additional money.


To sum up, all the above music apps have their own merits to satisfy the user’s music listening demands and no-cost wishes. And the former three are more suitable for Android system users while the last one is more proper to iPhone users. In my opinion, if high sound quality is your key value Poweramp and Spotify Music may be your cup of tea. And if you value the substantial types of music Google Play music may be your best choice.


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