Best power saving app for android


Nowadays, with mobile phone screens getting increasingly big and the functions getting more and more powerful, people’s needs for playing games, listening to music, watching movies, browsing micro-blog,even handling official business can be perfectly meet by a smartphone. However, behind these big conveniences one troublesome thing comes out and inconvenient most of the functions in the phone. That is the power saving.Thus, to download some power saving apps before taking a travel absolutely can be very helpful. Here I’d like to introduce some power saving apps for you.

Battery Manager


Battery Manager is a pretty professional software that can save power efficiently.It can precisely figure out the remaining endurance time of your smartphone, displaying the current consuming software and their consumption proportions. Moreover, the users can choose to stop some high current consuming software by Battery Manager according to the proportion in it.

NQ Easy Battery Saver


NQ Easy Battery Saver is a useful app that will extend battery life and speed up your Android phone.It keeps an eye on all running apps, and shows you the memory usage of each app.
Besides, it optimizes your phone by killing running background processes. You can also lock apps that you don’t want to kill.It is also a good battery usage monitor that reports current battery level and calculate the remaining battery usage time.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)


If your Android device is always running out of power, you might want to try Battery Doctor.Familiar with the functions above, it can predict battery power availability and display the power of free time (accurate to minute). Furthermore, it will provide dozens of power-saving and maintenance tips. When the battery power is below 20%, you can still maintain your android device by running Battery Doctor and plugging in the charger.

Advanced Mobile Care


Advanced Mobile Care is an Android security and performance optimization app developed by IObit Mobile Security. It provides real-time virus scans and accordingly protections, extends battery life, and can launch games with Game Speeder to make games run smoothly without game-play disturbance.

Super aTool Box Cache Battery


Super aTool Box-Cache Battery is an app developed by Aipopdev. The app displays memory information,health of the battery, temperature of the battery, battery widget support and remaining time for talk time, video time, web surfing, and idle time.It’s also an app manager for you can input keywords to find your needed apps quickly. Furthermore, it holds the ability to batch backup apps by restoring your apps from the SD Card by file.

All in all, to keep a power saving app in the phone is of great use. Most of these not only predict battery power availability and display the power of free time but also give suggestions to avoid battery-hungry. As for the people who always go out for travel and cannot live without a smartphone, choosing one of them might bring big convenience to you.


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