What is Next iPhone? iPhone 8 Or Another iPhone SE?

what is the next iPhone, iPhone 8

What is Next iPhone? iPhone 8 Or Another iPhone SE? 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone series, for this special stage, what kind of iPhone will Apple release to enhance the greatest Phone kingdom of first decades in 21 century? Facing the challenges from other strong competitors, what will be the next secret product with an overwhelming punch? Anonymous leaks imply that iPhone 8 will list at top on the new Apple product list. While, news from those loyal Apple fans are said to waiting for the classical 4-inch screen size iPhone SE. So, if you are an Apple fan, which side will you in?

If the next iPhone is iPhone 8, what we can know?

what is the next iPhone, iPhone 8

4.7-inch or 5.5-inch again?

It’s easy to know the coming iPhone will show with two sizes, updated 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch with iPhone 8 and bigger one, iPhone 8 Plus. That 5.8-inch model will actually have a 5.2-inch panel of usable touchscreen space with the remainder of the display curving around the edges of the device. And it’s not just that report that points to evidence Apple is working on a new curved display for some upcoming iPhone models.  While the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 is said to be the first to switch to an OLED display, one report said the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch updates would remain with LCDs.

Embedded Home Button?

These years, Apple was pursued by other competitors one by one, however, there just one thing, other smartphone come first, that is the hidden home button. That would allow it to reduce or perhaps remove the bezel on the front and increase screen real-estate without increasing the size of the device. One patent showed Apple is even exploring methods of allowing fingerprint recognition almost anywhere on the screen. Add in the curved display that Apple is reportedly considering for at least some of the new iPhones and you can imagine what could be quite a stunning update for the front side of the iPhone 8 with near edge-to-edge glass.

What color will you choose for next iPhone?

Apple is planning a new design for the 2017 iPhone lineup that will ditch the aluminium body of the current models in exchange for an all-glass design with metal only around the edge of the device. This comes from several supply chain reports in recent months from typically reliable sources. Think iPhone 4/4S, Apple’s last iPhone model to sport glass on both the front and back, although likely with a much sleeker design overall thanks to the curved display reportedly being planned. The iPhone 4 was offered in black and white, but Apple could have other options as well…

If the next iPhone is iPhone SE, I should know…

what is the next iPhone, iPhone SE

Actually, leaks about iPhone 8 overweight than iPhone SE. But as what I mentioned before, most loyal Apple fans are waiting to salute to the classic one. 

Imagine if Apple managed to reduce the bezels on the 7 Plus to nearly 0% bezel. The overall size of the phone would be nearly as large as the 4.7″ model’s overall size is now and maybe then Apple could maybe kill the 4.7″ model and keep the iPhone SE, make that display larger without making the overall phone larger so the iPhone line-up would be:

iPhone 8 5.5″
iPhone SE 4.5″  FROM BeIgianWaffle

Say hello to the smaller iPhone to some extent wins other favor. What’s the good thing? No matter iPhone 8 or iPhone SE, EasyAcc will provide the solid power bank in previous. Just wait for the news month that Apple releases the new next iPhone with it.


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