Apple Watch New Features Prediction


Apple Watch has been launched more than a year, we finally vaguely find out what is the core of a smart watch, which can bring revolution, not the appearance, not the strap, nor is it applied, but its heart – the sensor. Apple recently exposed several Apple Watch sensor patents, we probably can make some reasonable assumption of Apple Watch new features from them.


1.Monitoring environment

Several days ago, Appleinsider reported that Apple disclosed a gas & liquid detecting sensors, with which embeded Apple watch can  remind the user to avoid hazardous environment. It is worth mentioning that,this Apple Watch new feature will probably be embeded in the speaker, Apple has made an attempt on the 2nd generation of Apple Watch, which is waterproof to 50 meters depth. This is also a redesign of the loudspeaker that can be used to drive out water when the sensor detects a flow of water into the loudspeaker.


It is said that updated smart sensors are expected to monitor environmental issues and alert users through graphics, sounds, or vibrations. If Apple achieves new patent in monitoring haze, Apple Watch will benefit from that the most. Nowadays many wearable devices, focus on meeting the health needs of users,such as heart rate, sleep and other monitoring functions. So far nearly none of them had added environmental sensors, so it’s a good oppotunity for Apple to win the market.

2.Heart Rate Identification

The new identification system use green LED lights with the light-sensitive photoreceptor to detect blood flow through the wrist blood flow, in order to calculate the heart rate eventually. By comparing to the heart rate data with previously stored user data, user identification can be performed more accurately. If the patent can be passed smoothly, it may replace the old fingerprint verifying system.



There is another patent issued by the accelerometer and gyroscope to identify user actions, for example, when user raise the Apple Watch from the waist up to the head could trigger the identification system. However, with the heart rate recognition system, users no longer need to use the Touch ID to complete Apple Pay, which somehow reduces the dependence of Apple Watch on the iPhone.

3.Gesture Command

Earlier, the April news unveiled, another US patent issued shows that Apple Watch supports gesture control,  which enables gestures to be transfered into text or voice via iPhone. The new tech depends on a large number of sensors to detect the movement and achieve different gestures with different operating functions.

Imagine that, maybe in the near future, when the user wants to reject a call by laying his hand down, make a call by touching the thumb twice flip, transfer files by shaking hands,  just like magic.


Apple didn’t thrive with outstanding innovation this year according to the users’ feedback, since Apple will celebrate 10th anniversary in 2017, it is worth waiting for the Apple Watch new features and other Apple products upgrades.


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