How to set iPhone for international travel


With more and more people starting their abroad journey frequently, an issue came out to be a troublesome thing. That is the overwhelming roaming fees. It is impossible for people to go abroad without a mobile phone. And if you want to return home without worrying about nasty surprises in the mail, the serious bill resulted by the data roaming. You need to take these suggestions.

Sync before your trip


When taking your phone on abroad, there is an increased chance that you would lose it or get it stolen. And once these happened, troubles may be coming one by one. Thus, you should make sure that you have synced the contact and other information before leaving.

Turn off roaming data


Fees are still often per megabyte at most carriers, and those megabytes stack up quickly, and so does your bill. Some applications, like mail, can automatically check for updates and use the precious data. You can turn off this feature by going to your iPhone settings.
Go to: Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming. Turn off.

Turn off Cellular Data


By turning off your cellular data, you will effectively block your phone from accessing all data networks, restricting its use to placing calls and sending SMS text messages, although you can use all of your other features (apps, email, Internet, iMessage) when you connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
Go to: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. Turn off. (Note that “Enable LTE” will also disappear as soon as you turn off Cellular Data.)

Using “Airplane mode”

set_iPhone_for_international_travel:using “airplane mode”

Airplane mode means that you can neither receive messages nor ring someone up. Under this circumstance you can only use non-communication features of your iPhone, just like books, videos, music, etc. But it is also the best way to avoid roaming fees.

Download City Guides with Offline Access


If you know you’re going to be without an Internet connection, download or save city guides before you go. Trip Advisor Offline City Maps, Gogobot and Viator are just a few great—and free—options for saving maps, suggestions and guides to access during your trip.

Buy a Data Package in Advance


If you have obeyed all of these above it means you have to deprive yourself from having fun. Then what’s the meaning of going abroad without having connection with anyone else. So, to buy a data package in advance can be essential before going abroad. Suss out your monthly usage and get the data package that meets your needs. There are also a few options for international calling plans, which bring down the cost of making or receiving calls while abroad.


To go abroad with your iPhone needs to take lots of things into consideration and the result of not being careful is always the surprising roaming bills. So it is wise to make a good plan before your leaving.


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