Data from App Store, Apps Worth Buying in 2017

Apps Worth Buying in 2017, all

Apple’s APP Store year-end inventory shows that the most worth to download App at the end of the year. There are 4 apps are listed and we also want to recommend to all of you. Get more about apps worth buying in 2017, please keep reading.

At the end of the year are all days of the selection and the annual meeting of the cluster, APP Store also recently updated district’s annual top several App. It is interesting to note that in this year’s list ,music, video, and image editing software fully occupied half the sky, of course, it also illustrates the phone is becoming a production tool, so, this year which are the several specific software topped the list y their own edge?

Apps worth buying in 2017, PRISMA

If you want to let me choose the 2016 the most “refresh force” a repairing figure software, I will not hesitate choose Prisma , no matter you like dreamy feeling of impressionist style, or highly visual impact of pop art, Prisma can meet your requirements easily by various kinds of filter.

Filter of Prisma mainly by means of the artificial intelligence and neural network technology, the use of it can help you put your photos and video easily become hand-painted works, at the same time release the infinite possibility and creativity.

Apps Worth Buying in 2017,prisma

Apps worth buying in 2017, PIN

Pin is currently the best iOS on the clipboard enhancement tools, and the efficiency of many complex tools, as notification Widget Pin, can be said to be out of the box, you can add a Widget in the notification center “today” can begin touse.

In the center of the notification , the expansion of the Pin have three be enabled respectively is extended, participle extension and the clipboard. When we copy writing is a long, can use the action to complete the relevant operation. If you often need to deal with text on the iOS platform and related operations, the Pin is a good software.

Apps Worth Buying in 2017,pin

Apps worth buying in 2017, VUE

VUE is a short video shooting, its biggest characteristic is to fool operation + high texture. VUG film feature include the real – time filter, more footage splicing, stickers animation, add audio tracks and a variety of format pattern. Among them, the high quality filtera and more footage is a key to make video has a piece of film.

There is specifically said the most is “circular format.” A bit secretly from the feeling of looking through a hole.

Apps Worth Buying in 2017,vue

Apps worth buying in 2017, MEDIY

In the past, people always feel play music must need professional background, also need to all kinds of equipment, but now, you really only need a mobile phone or tablet. Medly is such a let users through simple point strokes to create a rhythm melody of music creation software.

Medly music creation process is very simple, just click on the grid will be melody together. If you have a good understanding of music, you can also click into advanced menu, further adjustment, believe both experienced composer, or try a mix of music lovers. This powerful music producer can help you to compose a inspiration melodious melody.

Apps Worth Buying in 2017,MEDIY

If you have never tried these apps before, I hope you guys will have a try. Welcome to comment with your own opinion about the most of your list.

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