How to Make MacBook Pro Run Faster


MacBook Pro has enjoyed a great popularity for its smooth performance. That’s one of the reasons why many people view Mac as their best partner to deal with their heavy and complicated works. You must still remember your smooth brand new MacBook Pro, which made you work in a most efficient way. However, it seems that nothing can be eternal. With the gradual daily use, your MacBook Pro is not as fast as before. Like human being growing older, it becomes slow down and not efficient anymore. Would you want your brand new MacBook Pro back? Some rules of thumb may help you to make your Mac run faster

Check your hard drive and permissions


If you want to know how to make you Mac run faster by freeing up space on the hard drive, just give it a try. Delete programs and documents that you no longer need and see if your Mac runs faster than it did. Ideally, keep at least one third of your drive free to made your MacBook Pro work optimally. This is especially important for those who need to view large media files for the Mac using a section of the hard drive as a virtual memory or swap partition for memory usage. Besides, to check and fix your Mac’s internal hard disk performances at least once per month. Repairing the disk can make a significant speed difference if there are errors on the drive that OSX has to work around regularly.

Manage and remove unnecessary programs


The more programs and applications you open, the slower speed your Mac will be. So the next step is to remove some unnecessary programs. Firstly, navigate to log in Items and see what is unnecessary on the startup list. Don’t be rushing to remove the program if you are not sure what the program is. You can do a quick Google search to see what the program does before you click the minus button to remove it.


And then clear off cluttered desktop items and Dashboard widgets. The cluttered Desktop filling with all kinds of software and files will slow down your Mac definitely. So a speedy MacBook Pro needs your good habit to make your Desktop tidy.What’s more, Dashboard Widgets that are unnecessary should be removed since they consume critical processor and memory resources even when you are not using them. And another familiar situation you may have met before is that when you’re sitting in front of your MacBook Pro surfing the Internet on safari, you see the spinning bean ball in a sudden and then you suffer a long time to wait. This indicates that you need to lighten your web browsers to improve internet surfing.


Upgrade hardware (RAM, SSD)
If you want your computer to have a real boost, you need to upgrade your hardware. RAM is your computer’s short term memory. Everything your computer does, it must do from RAM. If you’ve got lots of programs open, the computer may not have enough RAM to hold the instructions for these programs all at once. Adding RAM means you can run more programs at a time, so your Mac will be speeded up considerably.

Or adding an SSD Drive is also a good way to make a blistering difference to the speed of your Mac. SSD has no moving parts to get to your data and allows quicker access times. SSD generates less heat and are quite a bit lighter too, which is a secondary advantage. Adding an SSD will make a big difference to the performance of your Mac and highly recommended if you can afford it.
The methods I mentioned above can be quite time-consuming and may require you to have certain level of technical skills. If you want to fix your slow Mac more quickly and easily, you can rely on Clean My Mac3, which core value is to clean up your Mac by locating junks and unnecessary files through deep scan of the system so that you can make your MacBook Pro run faster!


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