How to Hold Phone for Selfie


The first selfie in the world was taken in October 1839 by Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, which was a self-portrait he snapped one day while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia. Since then, selfie has been becoming more and more popular. By 2013, the word “selfie” has become commonplace enough to be monitored for inclusion in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Nowadays, we can see people, here and there, holding their cellphones and taking selfies in different types of selfie poses. On social networking services, it is not uncommon to see others beautiful selfies,however, there seems always lack a perfect selfie in our smartphones. So how can we take a perfect selfie? Let me show you some tips for taking selfies.


Take selfie in a soft lighting

A good lighting can improve the images in a great way. For example, the lighting in the morning is relatively soft, so you can choose to take selfies in the morning. Or you can take a perfect selfie by holding the phone closer to your face making sure the light is in front of you. Usually, the closer the person can get to the lens the better when trying to capture the perfect selfie. Meanwhile, a single bright light producers darker and more harsh shadows because there’s a clear separation. Increase the number of lights or bounce it off another surface to reduce the separation so that you can create a softer light which is better for selfie.


Capture a good angle


A good angle is hard to find especially when taking selfie with a group of people. But it is a fact that everyone has its own right angle. So your problem is to find where your right angle hid. Unfortunately, there is no short way for you to find a good angle but by taking more and more selfie in different angles. After all, practice makes perfect. Generally, taking a self-portrait with 45°of your cellphone is suitable for most of people. Holding your cellphone slightly higher than your head so that it’s pointing down on you and will make your eyes look bigger and help you avoid “pig nose”.

Consider the background of your picture


A photo with only a face should be avoided. You should consider that the best selfies have more than just one face. Put something interesting and special to look at in your background whether you are inside or outdoors. Nature can be a best choice for you to capture. No matter in spring or summer, autumn or winter, you can find a wonderful background you want. However, if nature is not your thing, you can also take a perfect selfie indoor. Just keep everything in tidy, find a window or somewhere allow a soft light and hold a book, these can help you to take a great selfie as well.

Try a natural look and have an interesting expression


A natural look can give your social medial followers a glimpse at the “real you”. So don’t wear so much makeup and never add too many filters at a time. In terms of expression, no matter what, a smile is one of the most appreciated and charming expressions you can wear, though, smiling for your cellphone might make you feel a little silly. Of course, if you are on the serious side, a cool, collected expression could also go over well.

Do you get the skills to hold you phone for a perfect selfie? Or maybe you can just have a try right now!


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