What Is Hero5 Black

GoPro, a kind of mini and portable camera, is favored by sports fans worldwide, especially those who enjoy doing extreme sports such as surfing, skating and brolly hopping. Lately, the company has unveiled a new set of products—-Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session and Karma. This article mentions only about Hero5 Black. Now let’s get some basic information about GoPro5 to see what the merits are.


*Revolutionary Waterproof Function
The first thing to mention about Hero5 Black is its revolutionary waterproof function. The word “revolutionary” here means that instead of using a waterproof jacket, Hero5 Black achieves this function by virtue of its sophisticated design and users can take the naked camera down 33 feet into water to take amazing photos.

*A Resolution of 4k 30fpS
Another thing to mention is that Hero5 Black has a resolution of 4k 30fps. As we all know, resolution is the power of a television, camera and so on to give clear pictures, and the higher resolution is, the clearer the pictures are. The 4k 30fps resolution is absolutely high enough to enable users to grasp every detail of the video.

a_resolution_of_4k_30fpS_on _Hero5_black

*Increased Battery Capacity
What’s more, the battery capacity has been increased to 1220mA. Battery capacity seems to be a long lasting topic among GoPro fans who anticipate larger battery capacity, and now their dream has finally come true.

*Touch-screen System
The added touch-screen system is also a merit of Hero5 Black. GoPro fans know that the products of former generations have only one button which is both used to turn on/off the camera and to set models. Such design is simple, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to operate the camera with only on button. Now, however, with a 2 feet size screen, the process of operation has been greatly facilitated.

touch-screen_system_on _Hero5_black

*Voice Control System
Sometimes it’s inconvenient to operate the camera with hands, that’s why voice control system necessary. Hero5 Black enables users to record just by saying “GoPro, start recording video” and to stop by saying “GoPro, stop recording video”. Orders are similar for using other functions. Thanks to the voice control system, hands are free now!
Besides, users don’t have to worry that their voice may be faint because of the noisy environment, because Hero5 Black is equipped with 3 microphones and can better reduce disturbance of noise.
In addition, GoPro Remo is also of use to the voice-control system. It is waterproof and is able to control within 33 feet. With it, users’ orders can be better recognized.

voice_control_system_on _Hero5_black

*Digital Anti-shake
Actually this not a new function for cameras, but it’s the first time that GoPro has applied this technology. With such a function, users can shoot clearer pictures while moving.
Well, you may find Hero5 Black quite appealing now, and yes it is, I think it won’t be bad if you decide to purchase one!

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