New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Review


Some Apple customers had already got their new MacBook Pros hands-on, the feedbacks from them are various, someone is excited with the new features like touch bar, someone complains about the missing USB ports. However, with a flattened keyboard, expanded touchpad and new dashing touch bar, the new MacBook Pro is definitely the most controversial laptop of year 2016.

Unlike some other manufactures who tend to develop powerful cool touch screen laptops, Apple only added a touch bar to replace the function keys. For the users who dislike smudges and oily steaks on monitor this touch bar idea is highly preferred, it is more reasonable to build a touchscreen where our hands already are. Some complaints say, the new MacBook Pro touch bar isn’t going to be any easier, and if anything slower since they will have to drag and swipe to find what they need. Besides, Apple’s method saves users from touching the screen directly, but it requires a user’s neck to bend more frequently. Is that true? What is new MacBook Pro Touch Bar indeed? The answers are included by the review content below.


It was extremely awkward and embarrassed for me to search for the shortcuts in the touch bar for the first time, however, I kept reminding myself it’s not shortcuts bar anymore, it’s multi-touch bar, it can truly realize multiple functions. I Tried simple functions like shift over pages on Safari, crop and rotate pictures, edit with frequently used emojis etc. The key point is that you have to accept it when you are already using the new tech, if the software which you usually use has already updated its MacBook Pro touch bar function, go to customize the touch bar layout for further development, don’t be satisfied with the default setting, you will find that it’s quite easy and friendly to get accustomed to the updates. 


How to customize the new MacBook Pro touch bar? Simply drag the function from the commands list to the touch bar. Details are clarified on the video below. Actually not each app on touch bar can be redefined, like the basic ones–iWork, iTunes, iMessage, iMovie are on the list. Final Cut Pro doesn’t support customization as well, probably the developers thought they knew better than the users on the touch bar settings.

The new MacBook Touch Bar Supporting list of frequently used software:

In the row —  1Password, djay Pro, Blogo, Coda

Coming soon — Affinity Photo, DaVinci Resolve (Blackmagic Design), OmniPlan & OmniFocus, Sketch, Office ( not approved yet )

The worries about bending neck more can be eliminated, it seems to me the keys and functions are clear enough to be seen in a regular sitting position, I don’t need to bend at all. The new MacBook touch bar allows interchangeable controls to replace the “limits” of a stiff, hardware function key row. You can customize the touch bar to specific apps. I can rotate, crop, and zoom in and out, scroll through videos using the touch bar. It also comes included with a Touch ID sensor under it, you can now purchase things off the Internet literally with a press of a finger.

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