Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina


MacBook Pro is the Intel core notebook PC which was used to replace the G4 PowerBook product line by Apple Corp. On the January 11th of 2006, CEO Steve Jobs published it in the Macworld 2006 conference. And in February of that year it was officially brought to the market. Until now, MacBook Pro has launched three generations, each one has achieved different goals and got performance approved. Especially in the WWDC of 2012 when Phil Schiller pronounced the third-generation—MacBook pro with Retina, a new world of MacBook Pro was created. Hereafter are some differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Retina.

Compared with normal MacBook Pro products, MacBook Pro Retina has the higher resolution. MacBook Pro with Retina 13 owns the resolution of 2560×1600, which comes out at the head of notebook computer market. Probably in windows system you cannot evidently recognize the difference between 2560×800 and 2560×1600 display. But when you see the real retina display by naked eyes you will find out the big difference between MacBook Pro with Retina and other computers.


Endurance time
Endurance time is an important testing index for a computer. People have taken a video playback battery consumption test among notebook computers and the result shows that MacBook Pro has lived up to a high position. The official has announced that the MacBook Retina owns the ability to realize the 9 hours continuous broadcasting of video. And the data from battery consumption test is even higher. It has reached 13 hours.


Compared with MacBook Pro, the body of MacBook Retina is lighter and thinner, which conveniently reduce the pressure of commuters who have to carry their computer to the workplace.


All in all, MacBook Pro with Retina is superior to that without Retina in some aspects. It has the lighter body and owns a higher resolution. Besides, the endurance time is also longer than that of MacBook Pro. An old saying goes that “every bean has its black”. I think nothing can be an exception. The price of MacBook Pro with Retina is higher than Pro. People also noticed that MacBook Pro with Retina faced the dilemma of high heat value. And if you connect an external power supply during use, the power adapter will also be heated up. Above these, its non-acceptance to the third application software is another controversial dilemma. Only a few software can be used in MacBook Pro with Retina. Honestly speaking, the differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina are similar to the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, with upgraded hardware, display and other specs, along with the price with no doubt.

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